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(EXCLUSIVE) What Happens in Episode 1 of the “Bachelor?”

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-Next is the limo entrances which are never show in the order that they actually occurred. And this episode actually had proof of that since in one limo shot, we see 5 girls talking: Dominique, Astrid, Rachel, Christen, and Whitney. However, those girls are not shown coming out 5 in a row when the limo entrances happen as you’ll see. Some notes about the limo entrances:

1) Danielle L. is shown first out of the limo. So much for reading into that. She doesn’t even make final 6.

2) There really weren’t many extravagant entrances this year, just a lot of cheesy one liners, but about halfway through we got 3 sexual innuendo entrances from girls. Hailey was the 15th limo exit and she says to Nick, “Do you know what a girl wearing underwear says? Neither do I.” I’m sure her parents are proud.

3) She’s followed by Astrid, who talks in German saying, “I know you are in touch with your sex life. Have you seen the breasts? They are real.” All Nick could make out of her German was the word sex. Shocking.

4) Liz followed Astrid, and as she’s getting out of the limo, we hear her in an ITM say, “Before tonight, I actually met Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, and there definitely was a connection and chemistry there and we had sex…” When they greet, she never says her name, and she wants to see if he recognizes her. He has a look on his face the whole time like he knows her, but never references they’ve met before. When she walks away, Chris Harrison comes up to him and acts ridiculously stupid pretending he doesn’t know anything saying, “One of the girls in the last limo, you gave an odd look to…” and Nick responds “I think I met her before at Jade & Tanner’s wedding…” Chris doubles down on this horrible acting with, “You think you know one of the girls here?” Nick: “Yeah…I’m almost certain. 99% sure.” So yeah, this song and dance couldn’t be more scripted if they tried. Nick didn’t know she was showing up that night and I’m sure it took him a few seconds to jog his memory, and since she didn’t say anything, I’m sure he was questioning if it was her or not. But Chris Harrison acting like a dumbass pretending like he was clueless to who she was is laughable.

5) They showed Nick having some comments after girls had walked away and almost entered the mansion. For Corinne, he said “She’s cute.” For Vanessa, he said “That’s a keeper.” For Raven, he said, “really cute voice.” Raven is from Arkansas. A very thick Southern accent.

6) In keeping up with their weirdness from their intro videos, Josephine and Alexis made sure to do something in their limo entrance. Josephine brought a book that had a hot dog inside it, opened it up and said, “You’re a weiner in my book.” Then asked if they could do Lady & the Tramp with the hot dog each taking a bite out of the end. Nick I’m sure had stomach issues all night after that.

7) Alexis (the last limo entrance) as you’ve probably seen, wore a shark costume all night, even though she insisted she was a dolphin. Even thought it was a shark and everyone, including Nick, made sure to tell her that every chance they could get. Her intro? “I dolphinately can’t wait to talk to you inside.”

8) Only other real memorable entrance was Lacey who arrived on a camel saying, “Heard you like a good hump.” Outstanding.

-Once inside, there was basically zero drama all night amongst the girls. The only “mini” drama, if you can even call it that, is when Nick was talking to Vanessa, they cut to an ITM of her saying she thought he was gonna kiss her, but Corinne (who we’d already seen have time with Nick and she said she wanted to kiss him) comes from around the corner and steals him away. Corinne then says she has something for him and makes out with him, while plenty of other girls see it. Something that essentially happens every season of this show, hence the reason I called it “mini” drama the first night because that was the extent of it.

-They show Nick talking to a lot of women throughout the course of the cocktail party, but the ones we see him having an extended conversation with are: Rachel (the first one he talks to), Christen (teaches him to dance ballroom), Corinne (gave him a bag of tokens), Vanessa (says a friend submitted her, wanted the Bachelor to be Nick), Corinne again (for her kiss), Alexis (in the pool making dolphin noises), and Liz (to talk about their night at Jade & Tanner’s wedding).

-Nick and Liz’s talk was all kinds of awkward. This is how the conversation went:

Liz (in an ITM): “I’m kinda glad he didn’t remember we had sex. I like the mystery of it. Hmmmm, lets see.”
Nick (sits down next to her): “So…how are you?”
Liz: “I’m good, I’m good. I thought that I’d be maybe way more overwhelmed and nervous that I am and I’m not.”
Nick: “Well, we’ve met before.”
Liz: “Ahhhh, you remember.”
Nick: “I do remember.”
Liz: “Ok, I didn’t think that you would.”
Nick: “You didn’t think I’d remember?”
Liz: “No. I honestly didn’t.”
Nick: “When you got out of the limo, I was like, ‘Wait, is that Liz?’..
Liz: “I thought that you gave me a weird look…”
Nick: “And after you said goodbye, I’m like “That’s f***ing Liz.”
Liz: “Honestly, I didn’t want to say anything because…I guess like, I didn’t want you to think I was here because, like, you’re the Bachelor.
Nick: “That’s a fair assumption…You know, I remember being very intrigued by you when we met at the wedding. And you know, we had such a wild and crazy night of…and then I remember like when I kinda asked for your number, and you were like, “Oh, lets just leave it,” and I was like, “Oh ok. Totally respect that, totally cool, but, like it’s kinda like well why haven’t I heard from her since then? You know, it’s been like 9 months. (Clearly scatterbrained at this point) Like, I’m not a big on the whole right reasons thing, but at the same time in fairness, you gotta appreciate like my number is very easy to get for you. Jade has my number.”
Liz: “Well, I don’t think I really wanted to be like ‘Hey, gimmie this person’s number’ or whatever. I truly believed that if we were supposed to cross paths again we would. And I did have a stereotype. I’m not gonna lie. Ummmm, and then I watched ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ this year, and I was like, ‘Wow, this guy seems very self aware’, like maybe way different than what I thought. And you seemed very, kinda knowing who you are and what you want…”
Nick (seemingly almost annoyed by her at this point): “Wait, so you had a…I felt like you had a stereotype after…based on what you said it sounds like you had a stereotype after we met.”
Liz: “No, no, well…”
Nick: “But you said it wasn’t until Paradise that that stereotype…”
Liz: “Well the thing that I loved about that…

They were then interrupted by someone coming out wanting time with Nick, Liz asks her “Can I have one more question” then Nick basically has his cue to get out of this conversation going nowhere so he says he wants to make time for everyone and they hug and part ways.

Liz (in an ITM): “It was hard hearing from him ‘Why haven’t I heard from you’, when I didn’t even think he remembered who I was. I did have the opportunity to reach out to him over the last 9 months, and…I didn’t. And so it’s very hard to know where we stand at this point.”

After watching their whole interaction here’s my take: I think Liz had every right to have the stereotype about the guy after the hookup at the wedding. And if she didn’t want to give him her number afterwards, she didn’t have to. With that said, and although I think Nick was acting too butt hurt that Liz said she stereotyped him (because Nick absolutely cares what people think of him and is uber sensitive about any negativity thrown his way) he had every right to be annoyed she appeared on the show. She had her chance with him (for however many minutes that actually would’ve lasted in real life. C’mon, do you honestly think that if she gave Nick her number that night, they’d have dated, he never would’ve went on Paradise, he’d never have been the “Bachelor”, and they’d still be together now? Please), but she messed up and now he doesn’t care to be with her. Bottom line: she should’ve never gone on the show, but the producers loved the story line, convinced her it’d be a good idea, and set her up to fail. They knew how this was going to end. She didn’t.

-Rachel gets the first impression rose, even thought Corinne and Vanessa are in ITM’s thinking it might be them based on the “connection” they’d formed with Nick earlier in the night. He pulls Rachel aside, gives her the rose, and they kiss. Not a full makeout, but not a peck either. Put it this way, Corinne’s kiss with Nick definitely more of a makeout than the one with Rachel.

So that’s basically your summary of night one. Obviously other small conversations happened here and there, but nothing of major significance. You’ll see as it plays out that Nick definitely had an attraction to Rachel, Vanessa, and Corinne on the first night. And whatever that attraction was towards those three, it was the opposite towards Liz. Your episode-by-episode spoilers will have your night one rose ceremony eliminations, plus all your other dates and eliminations as well. Hopefully will get that to you in the next couple weeks….

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  1. yoyotono

    December 17, 2016 at 5:36 PM

    I don’t understand why Liz even came on the show, did she really need the attention that badly? If Liz didn’t want Nick to have her number at any point before or after they hooked up, it obviously didn’t go very well. It also happened 9 months prior to the Bachelor filming.

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