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Podcast #3 – Amanda & Josh Breakup, Some Nick Spoilers, & TV Talk

Two weeks from today is Nick’s premiere episode on Season 21 of the “Bachelor,” so decided to fill you in on a few spoilers that I’ve hinted at so far in today’s podcast. But first, I’m talking about the news over the weekend of Amanda & Josh’s break up. Well, they actually broke up 2 weeks ago as I reported (hence the reason you haven’t seen one IG picture, story, tweet, or anything on Amanda’s social media activity since then acknowledging Josh), but Josh “officially” moved back to Atlanta yesterday, as I reported he would on Twitter Saturday night. I will give my final thoughts on the situation in today’s podcast. We can be expecting an “official” statement from them sometime in the near future, but as was the case during the Andi break up, I also fully expect some mud slinging to happen between both camps after the statement comes out. Neither side is going to have glowing reviews of the other person, I can pretty much guarantee that based on what I’m already hearing come out of both camps. So buckle up, because the tabloids are going to have a little fun with these two I’m sure. They always do. And speaking of tabloids, did you all notice hell froze over during the weekend when US Weekly actually acknowledged my report of Amanda & Josh breaking up two weeks ago? Yeah, the apocalypse might be upon us. Be on the lookout.

For those interested in being part of the next podcast, email me with some topic you’d like to talk about. However, you have to have the ability to Skype for it to work. Obviously I’m looking for more than something of, “Do you think this will be a good season” etc. I’d like the next podcast to incorporate maybe 4 or 5 phone calls over Skype from you guys, but to where it’s a little back and forth, rather than you just ask a question and I answer. And hey, any haters that want to hop on with me and give me a piece of their mind to get something off their chest regarding me, or my site, or whatever you want to hate on, I’ll absolutely encourage you to email me as well. I have no issue at all having a discussion with someone who wants to confront me on something I’ve said or done. Unlike trolls on the internet who takes shot after shot at people with zero repercussions, now you can air your grievances with me to my face and we can have a discussion about it. Have at it. Again, you must have access to Skype, but anyone who’s interested, let me know and I’ll email you back and take it from there.

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Today’s podcast: Episode overview (1:22), my opinions on the Josh and Amanda situation (2:21), spoilers on the two 2-on-1 dates and what happened (20:14), my thoughts on the Survivor finale (29:50), my critique of “Designated Survivor” (38:18), and give final thoughts on “Nashville” (43:42).

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  1. yoyotono

    December 20, 2016 at 10:56 PM

    Here are some ideas for things to address on your next podcast:

    1. Carly and Evan, is it for real or a sponsorship/attention stunt? I mean, they really have only been together 6-9 months so maybe it’s too early to tell. Her brother, Zack (On Des’ season) seemed like someone who loved attention, but he ended up getting married off-camera and away from the Bachelor franchise.

    2. Discussion of all these Bachelor couples going on Couples Therapy. It’s getting rather sickening, every single season. Sean and Catherine, we never did ever see any evidence of what was discussed. Then they had a baby less than a year later, if they were really having marital issues, why have a baby right away? Now Jade and Tanner, f’ing really? I’ll bet they’ll be the next couple who has a baby in the franchise.

  2. yoyotono

    December 20, 2016 at 11:05 PM

    3. Discussing what you think Josh Murray’s next move will be in order to “regain his reputation”. I agree with you that the criticisms will come out soon from Amanda and Josh’s side. Do you think his reputation tour is done yet?

    4. Discussion of Ashley I. and Jared. They actually hang out a lot, I follow Ashley on snapchat. Her edits always make her look crazy and constantly crying. She’s actually self-aware (she wrote Cosmo articles about last BIP season), funny, and smart. If “the Nick trend” continues, they should have Ashley I. be the next Bachelorette; that would make some great television lol.

  3. smurfette22

    December 23, 2016 at 8:13 AM

    Great podcast! Thanks for the spoilers!

    I 100% agree with you about the Amanda/Josh situation. I think Amanda introduced her kids to Josh way too early. They don’t need to meet every guy Amanda dates. I honestly think it shows how immature Amanda is despite having two kids. I also think she puts her daughters in the spotlight too much. She chose to go on the show, they didn’t. I personally wouldn’t want the world knowing that much about my kids. There are too many creeps out there, but then again I wouldn’t go on 2 reality shows either.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh didn’t try to become the next Bachelor. Now, he needs to repair his image again.

    I would also like for the Jared/Ashley situation to be addressed like yoyotono suggested. Jade/Tanner, Carly/Evan, and Jared/Ashley all went to Atlantis recently. Two confirmed couples and then Jared and Ashley? Makes me think they’re dating. It doesn’t affect my life any either way, I’m just curious.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben and Lauren didn’t show up on Couples Therapy. After watching the first half of their new reality show, I think they might be up for anything. It is so clearly scripted, it’s ridiculous.

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