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American Idol 8

  • American Idol 8

    American Idol Recap – 4/28/09

    The big news surrounding Idol this week is the talk that Simon will leave the show after next season (Season 9) when his contract expires. He’s currently also a judge on Britain’s “X Factor” and “Britain’s Got Talent”, and traveling back and forth to the states on a weekly basis is apparently getting old. Uh huh. Suck it up. Simon, Fox pays you a BASE salary of $36 million a year to do “Idol” and you speak maybe a total of what, two or three minutes a show? And lets face it, it’s not like the guy is flying coach back and forth from Europe every week. He’s not sitting in the middle seat between two obese people and getting offered a plastic cup of water and peanuts for an over 10 hour flight. C’mon, Simon. You really think people want to watch “Idol” and her critiques from Randy, Paula, and Kara. That’s the weird thing. Maybe he’s just being humble, which would be a first, but Simon … Continue reading

  • American Idol 8

    American Idol Recap – 4/21/09

    Sometimes the show is just better without a mentor. I mean, did Quentin Tarantino really add much to the show last week other than comedic value for his awful haircut? Didn’t think so. Let’s do mentors, like, every third or fourth week. Disco Week doesn’t need mentors anyway since I can’t remember the last time a disco song was ever written. I found it funny that on Disco Week, of the seven performances, four weren’t even up tempo disco beats. I understand the judges harp on the contestants for being original, but if you’re having a theme week like Disco, don’t you kinda need your contestants to sing the song as is. For one week, can’t they just throw the “originality” card out the window and just have fun? There was nothing “disco” about last nights show in the least bit. Kris, Adam, Allison, and Anoop all slowed things up. Just didn’t make much sense to me.

    Good to see that the “only 2 judges speak at … Continue reading

  • American Idol 8

    American Idol Recap – 4/14/09

    Let’s start off by once again mentioning the event this Saturday night in downtown Dallas at the Palomar Hotel for the “CAP” Foundation (Child Abuse Prevention). I’ve been asked to be a “celebrity” guest at the event for which I immediately accepted. Still not too late to donate in any way you can by visiting their home page here. I’ve never asked much of my readers, but this is for a good cause. If you’re heading to the event, then definitely find me and say hi. If not, any donation to this center would help. Non-profit organizations work off your generosity, and the stories I’ve heard already since getting involved make me sick to my stomach. One imparticular was they recently had to take in a 14 year old mom who was a victim of rape because the mother kicked her out. So whatever you can do would be grateful.

    Moving on to brighter topics, let’s hope that “Idol” gets rid of this “only two judges … Continue reading

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