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Are You the One? in Partnership with MTV

  • Are You the One? in Partnership with MTV

    Are You The One? Episode 6 Recap


    I understand completely why there is so much emotional turmoil currently going down on Are You the One? See, everything feels heightened because the entire process has been designed to make it feel that way. Twenty people are stuck in a house that’s located on an island – because subtle this show is not – where there are no books to read or movies to watch to take your mind off the fact that you have been sequestered in a place that’s laden down with a ton of alcohol, a Boom Boom Room, and you’ve been promised that someone wandering around that house alongside you has been determined by experts to be your definite soulmate. Sh*t’s bound to get tense.

    I do have a few questions, though, and they concern the Boom Boom Room:

    1. Do the sheets on that bed get changed and can I please see footage of such a thing happening so I can finally put my mind to rest?

    2. Did the producer who … Continue reading

  • Are You the One? in Partnership with MTV

    Are You The One? Episode 5 Recap


    There are just some things I’ve come to rely upon. I know, for instance, that somewhere around early August, I will find myself taking a wrong turn in CVS and I’ll wind up in the school supplies aisle and simply the sight of all of those binders and notebooks will cause me to throw myself to the ground and have a full-fledged emotional tantrum because I’ve just been confronted with visual evidence that summer will soon end and I’ll have to go back to work in September. Another thing I can rely upon? That the raging fury that used to smolder inside of me due to past pain will eventually fade to a numb form of nothingness because apparently I was born without the gene necessary to stay angry long-term. And I can also all but set my watch to the likelihood that my casual viewing of a reality show will eventually morph into something far more serious where I even grow to sort of care about the … Continue reading

  • Are You the One? in Partnership with MTV

    Are You The One? Episode 4 Recap


    One of the greatest movies ever is A Fish Called Wanda. Trust me on this; I teach Film and I have zero reason to intentionally lead you astray. Anyway, a bunch of the Monty Python gang – along Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis – play characters carrying out a jewel heist before things comically go very wrong. Kline plays Otto, a full-fledged fool, whose biggest issue is with anyone calling him “stupid,” even as he behaves like a total moron. “Don’t call me stupid,” is one of the recurring lines in the film and it’s hilarious every single time. In fact, it’s almost as hilarious as finding out that John – who rammed a fist through a wall, goes borderline catatonic every time a person with a penis attempts to engage Julia in conversation, and has been called “explosive” more than once by his fellow houseguests – really doesn’t enjoy having the word “explosive” quoted by a recapper of this show. He is not explosive. That fist … Continue reading

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