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Are You the One? in Partnership with MTV

  • Are You the One? in Partnership with MTV

    Are You The One? Episode 3 Recap


    When exactly will the name of this show officially be changed from Are You the One? to John Is Losing His F*cking Mind? Will we have to wait until he punches seven more walls and then screams into the abyss that it doesn’t matter how the experts have spoken and their claim is that Julia is not a girl specifically put onto this planet just so he can ogle her from the moment she opens her wary eyes in the morning and sees him staring hard at her? Will the title change have to wait until Stephen’s very existence is threatened because the guy had the nerve to choose a girl from Louisiana, a girl John probably has Facebook friends in common with, as his partner for the last Match Up ceremony?

    But the name of the show is not the biggest concern here. What is the issue is how rapidly John is unraveling because of a creepy obsession he’s managed to convince himself is real love. (I … Continue reading

  • Are You the One? in Partnership with MTV

    Are You The One? Episode 2 Recap


    Tonight’s episode of Are You the One? begins with John feeling down. He wants Julia, not Emma! And what might be the best solution to his emotional crisis? Well, maybe he should do some shots! Unfortunately, Julia’s not actually that into the guy, so maybe John should go a little easy on his declarations of love for her at this point. As John goes spinning into temporary madness, we get to know some of the other guys better, like Sam. Sam looks like a typical surfer, but he loves the Twilight movies and he’s got a sensitive side and Alyssa is already smitten. Then she falls out of a hammock, but let’s not judge her; those suckers are tricky.

    The next day there’s a challenge where the winners will get to head off on a Getaway Date – but to win the challenge, the teams will have to do an awful lot of licking. Yes, there’s a variety of stuff to tongue: tomato paste, a spicy bean mixture, … Continue reading

  • Are You the One? in Partnership with MTV

    Are You the One? Episode 1 Recap


    Who doesn’t want to fall madly in love? And while we’re on the subject of the universal desires of millennials, who doesn’t want to appear on reality television? After all, how else might one possibly gain validation besides being followed by a camera crew at all hours of the day and night? But look at me being so cynical! True love exists – and so does MTV – and when those two seismic forces team up, remarkable things can and will happen and it will all go down on season four of Are You the One?

    Yes, the series about finding a soulmate is back and, cynicism aside, there’s no denying that being isolated on an island with the person a team of matchmaking experts decided was perfect for you can actually work. Amber and Ethan met on the first season and they are now married with a baby! Perhaps one of our lucky current contestants will ask that baby to be a flower girl one day! But … Continue reading

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