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The Bachelor 11 – Brad

  • The Bachelor 11 - Brad

    The Bachelor Recap – 10/15/07

    -For as long as I can remember, I’ve told everyone who’s a fan of the “Bachelor” to never take this show seriously. Never get invested in any of the characters, never hope for a sappy, fairy tale ending, never think that the “Bachelor” himself is actually really looking for love, etc. Just basically keep your guard up, watch this show for entertainment purposes only, and and never, EVER, take this show seriously. It’d be stupid too, since more often than not, you’d end up disappointed. You want to know how serious even the media takes this show? Here is the exact show description from my DVR last night when I pressed the “INFO” button:

    “True love (well, love anyway) gets the reality treatment in a popular show.”

    Damn. Even the people at Time Warner, or whoever writes these show descriptions, is making fun of it. I didn’t even know you were allowed to write anything sarcastic in the show descriptions. Hilarious. And easy on the “popular show” … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 11 - Brad

    The Bachelor Recap – 10/8/07

    -Thanks to all those who have sent emails to Dr. Reality Steve. I appreciate it, the girls appreciate it, and I’m glad I decided to let the female voice be heard here at It was time for that. I think. Keep the emails coming. This week, Lisa from the “Bachelor – Rome” was our guest columnist, and she did a great job. Especially when the questions surrounded sex, sex, more sex, and affairs. Outstanding. I should be getting paid for my knowledge. As for last night’s episode, let’s get to it because there were definitely a few things that disturbed me.

    -Boy, they just get the ball moving right away on this show now, don’t they? Not four seconds have passed before Host Chris is all up in our business explaining how the dates are going to go. And just like he has for all 14 seasons of this show, he tells us there will be 2 group dates, and one solo date. A rose will … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 11 - Brad

    The Bachelor Recap – 10/1/07

    -Big stuff to do this week. Another week of the “Bachelor”, the return of “Dr. Reality Steve”, Britney loses her kids, and last but not least, I watched “Private Practice”. I think I can officially call myself a gay male now. Other than ogling over Kate Walsh, there is absolutely zero reason for a male to watch that show. None. And I’m guessing “Grey’s” is pretty much the same exact thing, only with a different cast in a different hospital. With a gay guy. And a homophobe that got booted for calling him a French cigarette. Remember how I mentioned last week maybe I’ll go back and start watching season 1 of “Grey’s”? Forget it. Ain’t gonna happen. I’ve got too many shows already without inundating myself with sappy, mindless, dramas centering around women’s va-jay-jay’s. Then again, I watch the “Hills” and “Newport Beach” religiously, so there could be hope someday. Onto last night….

    -Let’s jump right into it. Two group dates, a rose will be handed out … Continue reading

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