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  • Bachelor Ben Spoilers

    “Bachelor News” Including Another New Contestant and Filming in Park City, Utah Tonight – 10/4/11

    There is a link at the top of the page entitled “Bachelor Ben’s Girls” that will keep a running list every time I add new girls. Today’s girl has been added.

    A few quick updates to give you on what’s happening in filming. If you missed my tweet and Facebook post last Friday afternoon, then you didn’t see filming moved from San Francisco to Park City, Utah. They arrived in Park City on Saturday, and I’m guessing are there until Wednesday or Thursday of this week, before they start their major traveling this season. Do I know where they are headed? Yes, I do. I will tell you as they they move from place to place though. Thursday I will tell you where they are headed from Utah. I can tell you this though, in the 22 seasons this show has been on, I can’t remember a final rose ceremony location quite like this. Going to be interesting. More on that in the coming weeks.

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  • Bachelor Ben Spoilers

    It’s Picture Day! Two More Contestants, Pics from Ben’s Group Date Yesterday, and Reality Roundup – 9/27/11

    There is a link at the top of the page entitled “Bachelor Ben’s Girls” that will keep a running list every time I add new girls. Today’s girls have been added.

    Quite a loaded column this week. Didn’t think I’d have this many pictures, but now I do. Ben had Group Date #2 yesterday in San Francisco where it looks like 11 ladies got to “ski” down a street in SF that was made into a ski slope. And oh yeah, they were in the their bikinis frolicking around having snowball fights. Of course they were. And yes, this was done in a residential neighborhood so everyone and their mothers were taking pictures. I wonder if the ABC producers were all freaking out yesterday too and shouting people down to put their cameras away. Whatever the case, here you go:


    As for a couple of new contestants I can confirm, lets first start out … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Ben Spoilers

    “Hey! Get Away From Here! Go Away! Leave Us Alone!”

    There will be some spoilers of the women this season in this column. You’ve been warned.

    I think it’s time we all stand up and applaud the Sonoma News for sneaking around with a video camera and photographer, and pissing off ABC’s filming of the “Bachelor” last week that they’re “publicist” is sending threatening voice mails to them. You can read all about it right here:

    The Bachelor Invades Sonoma

    But most importantly, you need to watch this video. If this video doesn’t show you how uptight and paranoid the powers that be on this show are, then I don’t know what does. Classic.

    I don’t know what my favorite part was: the “Bachelor” film crew getting all snotty because someone was following them around with a camera, the hilarious voice message that the ABC rep left on the answering machine threatening they won’t give them access to interviews or help them in the future, or the fact that … Continue reading

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