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  • Bachelor in Paradise 2

    “Bachelor in Paradise 2” Episode 4 Recap, Incl Jade’s Oopsie, & Ben as the “Bachelor”

    You know what’s funny? Considering I grew up in Southern California and in the Pacific time zone, I always thought it was weird how the East Coast would get to watch stuff first, and live events (incl Monday Night Football) started at 9pm. That was so crazy to me. This weekend I’ve been in CA because tonight is the night 8 months in waiting as I’m taking my niece to the Taylor Swift concert at Staples Center. I’m sure I’ll be Periscoping plenty tonight from the limo ride up, to the concert itself, so be on the lookout for that. But with that, I haven’t been able to live tweet the show the last two nights because I’m watching it well after the Eastern and Central time zones have. Figure it’s kinda pointless since I’m not seeing it as it happens. I haven’t lived in CA since 2006, and social media wasn’t around back then. So it wasn’t such a big deal to watch this show on the … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 2

    “Dr. Reality Steve” & Live Video Chat Tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

    So a lot of you seemed to enjoy the trip down memory lane yesterday of Jake & Vienna’s break up. I mean, did you watch that? All of it. I could probably do a 3-4 page column just on that interview alone. From the constant talking over each other, to Jake’s smarmy grin for 24 minutes, to Vienna’s awful apology of “I’m sorry I went to the tabloids but I only did it because I knew if I didn’t, you would,” to Chris Harrison telling them “We don’t care about the dog,” to talks of GPS’, furniture moving, lack of intimacy, etc. That interview had EVERYTHING. Of course, Jake threatening to basically backhand her on national television probably took the cake. I don’t who Jake’s publicist was before that interview, but I hope Jake fired him shortly thereafter. Holy crap, did he honestly think he came off well in that interview? Not saying Vienna is a saint, but Jake, you might wanna back away from threatening women on … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 2

    “Reader Emails” & A Throwback to Jake & Vienna’s Public Breakup

    Devastating news this morning. Just gut wrenching. Well, not really but in case you missed it, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have decided to separate after 11 years together, 5 of which were as a married couple. Man, that blows. Ok, I’m kidding. It doesn’t whatsoever for a couple of reasons. 1) Megan Fox is now single (and totally in my league) and 2) This paves the way for David and Donna to finally get married for real. Not this campy TV stuff that isn’t real. No, I’m talking about David Silver proposing to Donna Martin and makin’ this bitch official. I know Donna is over David banging Ariel in the limo while leaving the condom wrapper on the floor. And I’m sure David can look past Donna’s bizarre infatuation with Noah, the drifter drunk who somehow lasted a few seasons on that show as her boyfriend. We’re grown adults now. We can move past bad decisions. Lets make this happen, lets invite the whole … Continue reading

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