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Bachelor in Paradise 3

  • Bachelor in Paradise 3

    “Reader Emails,” Josh’s Mom Talks About the Edit, & Your Reality Steve Trivia Contest w/ Video Answers

    Photo Credit: ABC

    I’ve told you many times that I can, at times, have a horrible memory. For those that watched last Thursday night’s live chat, what did I tell people to remind me of? I told them to remind me to upload the video from two weeks ago of the 2nd Annual Reality Steve Trivia Contest we had at my party. Someone emailed me that night like right after the show to remind me – and I still forgot. But then yesterday someone reminded me again that I forgot to upload it, so I did it immediately and here we are. Finally, you have your video you can play along with. As mentioned, I’m pretty sure this will become an annual party that is open to anyone and everyone. All you have to do is find a way to get to Vegas every year. And there will be a Trivia Contest every year as well. I think I might do a different hotel next year and even possibly make it … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 3

    “Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 1 Recap Incl Kaitlyn’s Missing Blog, TMZ Way Behind, & Michelle Money Opens Up About Adoption

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Ahhhhh, it’s good to have “Paradise” in full swing, isn’t it? Or maybe not? I just know the 2 hours last night, plus the 1 hour tonight, plus the 1 hour “After Paradise” show to follow up tonight, ugh, it’s just too much. Especially since “After Paradise” basically sucks. I think Jubilee, Leah, and Lace will all be on tonight, along with Diablo Cody. I’m sure they’ll ask lame poll questions to get the audience engaged, even though they’ll ask questions that any spoiled viewer will already know the answer to. With as successful as “Watch What Happens Live” is, you’d think someone over at ABC would have a better idea how to run this “After Paradise” show. The problem is, it’s crap. It’s seriously a waste of an hour. When you bring on contestants who are still on the show (i.e. Lace tonight), she obviously is going to be so tight lipped about anything. And then having Jubilee and Leah there really adds nothing since they lasted … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 3

    “Reader Emails,” Robby’s New Teeth, and Jordan Gets Hired

    Photo Credit: ABC

    So with the next 6 weeks dedicated to “Bachelor in Paradise” stuff, the schedule remains the same: Tuesday’s will be a recap of Monday’s 2 hr episode, Wednesday will have a shorter recap of Tuesday night’s 1 hr show & 1 hr “After Paradise” along with “Reader Emails,” Thursday will remain “Dr. Reality Steve” (we’re short right now so get your emails in for tomorrow), and then Thursday night will be your live video chat. After taking last week off for being out of town, it returns tomorrow night. Today will be mostly just “Reader Emails” and updates in “Bachelorette” land, since there was some news yesterday on some fronts. I’ll give a few thoughts on BIP, but really, last night wasn’t much. Intro videos, entrances, and people just meeting each other took up the whole first hour. There really isn’t a whole hell of a lot to recap. Once we get into next week, there’ll be more dates and more to actually go over. However, if you … Continue reading

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