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Bachelor Juan Pablo Spoilers

  • Bachelor Juan Pablo Spoilers

    Where Was the First 1-on-1 Date, 3 More Girls for Juan Pablo, and Your “Daily Links”

    Let me update you on where I’m at with the “Bachelor” spoilers. 27 girls total, I’m releasing 3 more today which makes it 15 that are out there. I have another 10 that I’m putting profiles together for now, some having more info than others. I’ve now got every girl that was on the group date in South Korea, and essentially every date leading up to South Korea. I’ll hold on to those for a bit since more information I’m sure is coming over the next month or so. In case you didn’t read yesterday, there was only one first impression rose given out on the first night by Juan Pablo, and there are a few silly limo exits as there are every season. I’ll get to those eventually. But I did say I’ll tell you today where the first date of the season was along with showing you a picture from a distance. Lets just say it’s somewhere familiar.

    The first date of the season was Thursday, … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Juan Pablo Spoilers

    Daily Links 10/2

    The puzzle that is the “Bachelor” is all starting to come together slowly but surely. As mentioned, there are 27 girls this season. I’ve released 12 so far. As of right now, I have either the full name, seen a picture of, or have a first name of 25 of the 27. These will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow I will release at least three, possibly more. Including one girl who is by far one of the more interesting characters they’ve ever had. I can tell you that for the first time in 3 seasons, only one first impression rose was given out on night one, and no surprise, there are some ridiculous limo exits once again. So yeah, basically no different than any other season. Got a lot of information coming in from many different directions that I need to sort through so let me figure out when and how I’m going to release it all. We’re not even two weeks into … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Juan Pablo Spoilers

    Picture and Video from Yesterday’s Group Date & Today’s “Daily Links” 10/1

    I haven’t brought this up in over a month for reasons I expressed back then – most of you, if not all of you, don’t care. However, I’ll just say this once and move on. I won my fantasy baseball league by the largest margin in the over 25 year history of the league. And oh yeah, currently sitting tied for first in fantasy football. Yes, I would like a medal. That is all.

    A few of you have asked about our “Amazing Race” recapper and where it was for this past Sunday’s premiere. She had too much on her plate this season and is unable to recap this season. I appreciated all of Kim’s columns and hopefully she’ll come back next season. Not necessarily looking for a writer to fill in this season, but if you’re really interested, I’d take a look at any writing samples people want to send me.

    After I posted yesterday about Juan Pablo’s group date with the K-pop group 2ne1, I … Continue reading

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