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Bachelor Pad 3

  • Bachelor Pad 3

    “Bachelor Pad” Recap, A Warning, & Emails That You Gotta Read

    Another season of “Bachelor Pad” is upon us. I’ll be here every Tuesday over the next eight weeks to cover this complete sh** show. And what a sh** show it is. A steaming pile of manure looks at this show and says to itself, “You know, I don’t look and smell so bad after all.” It’s one thing to go on the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” and cry over someone you barely know, or even make a stupid comment here or there. “Bachelor Pad” is a completely different animal. Like, these people think acting like this is going to make them look cool or somehow make other people like them more. I don’t get it. I mean, not to sound like a 37 year old fuddy duddy, but geez, do some of these people have any self-respect? Really? You want to act like that on national television? Hey, you’re making my job that much easier because the second you signed on that dotted line, you are fair game for … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Pad 3

    The “Bachelorette” Recap Including Sean’s Radio Interview, and What Will Happen Sunday Night?

    A few things to get to before today’s column. For those who have never been around on the “Tell All” episodes, these aren’t regular recaps only because, well, there’s just way less material to work with than a normal episodes with dates, roses, cheesy lines, etc. Same thing with the finale on Sunday. Next Monday’s recap will just be more of a summary of what we saw and since the ATFR is live, obviously I’ll have my thoughts on that. Also, I expect to have as many of your episode-by-episode “Bachelor Pad” spoilers as I can sometime this week, or by the latest next Monday, since it’ll be premiering that night. I’ve got most of it now but finalizing a few things. And after watching last night’s “Bachelor Pad” teaser, looks like we’re in for another season of debauchery. So next Monday you’ll have your “Bachelorette” recap and my final thoughts on this season, plus your “Bachelor Pad” spoilers. Then starting next Tuesday for the following 8 weeks, … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Pad 3

    Your “Bachelor Pad” Cast Announced, Pictures of the “Newbies,” & “Reader Emails”

    I was going to write about the tabloid coverage yesterday along with some Arie news to share, but with the release of the “Bachelor Pad” cast, I figured I’d dedicate most of the column to that today. However, I will address all the tabloid coverage from yesterday, including what I THINK the ending is this season, along with some information regarding the Arie/Cassie relationship on the live video blog tonight. You don’t want to miss it. Back at the usual time 9:00PM EST/6:00PST. See you then.

    Well, I guess ABC has figured out that they’re only chance of not being spoiled, is to release stuff earlier than in the past. The first two seasons of Bachelor Pad’s cast weren’t released until about 10 days into filming. This season, they released it two days into filming. I’ll just go ahead and take full credit for that since I’d already released 10 of the 20 names already. If you haven’t checked out’s cast list and bio’sContinue reading

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