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    Daily Links – 11/1

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Hometown date #2 taking place in Hoxie, Arkansas today with Raven Gates. Maybe pictures will get out, maybe they won’t. I guess it all depends on where they go. Not 30 minutes after I posted yesterday’s column, I got word of a few more things regarding the season. I can confirm now that Rachel’s hometown date was filmed on Sunday here in Dallas. Did you know Rachel’s dad is a federal judge? Yes, sir. You don’t want to mess with Sam A. Lindsay. Anyway, part of their date was filmed at Rachel’s church, Concord Baptist church, in Dallas. So where are Thursday’s and Saturday’s hometown dates gonna be filmed? Stay tuned. I was also given some information yesterday that I’m following up on, but it has to do with final rose ceremony location. Nothing confirmed as of yet, although this info does look to be pretty solid. Just want to get it double or tripled sourced. However, I’m thinking that the overnight dates and … Continue reading

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    Daily Links 10/31 Incl (EXCLUSIVE) Another One of Nick’s Final 4


    Really no reason as to why David S. Pumpkins is today’s featured picture other than it’s Halloween and I feel that it’s appropriate. Not to mention, David S. Pumpkins is essentially the greatest random character SNL has created in the last 10 years and I hope he makes cameos every Halloween episode from now until Tom Hanks dies. Even took the time to break down why David S. Pumpkins is becoming an internet sensation. Lets face it, it’s David S. Pumpkins world and we’re all just visiting. Eventually we’ll all die off, but he will always live on. And if I would’ve known there was a way to purchase his outfit for Halloween, maybe I would’ve broken out of my Halloween tradition of never wearing a costume and purchased one before they all sold out like hotcakes. Maybe next year. Lets hope they restock so older guys like me don’t need to waste time getting makeup or anything else that’ll take me more than 30 … Continue reading

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    Daily Links – 10/27 Incl (EXCLUSIVE) More “Bachelor” Franchise Contestants Appearing on Other Shows

    Photo Credit: WE tv

    A lot of you have asked me to either recap or comment on Ben & Lauren’s show on FreeForm. Unfortunately, I haven’t watched it, nor do I care to. I mean, great for them they got a spinoff show, but it’s just something that doesn’t interest me in the least bit. Sure, I’ve seen clips and read things here and there, but I have no idea what’s going on on a weekly basis with that show. I haven’t seen any cable ratings for it either, but I can’t imagine it’s making many waves. Not to mention the people I have heard from who watch it say it’s awful. Totally contrived, nothing organic, and basically just milking the franchise. Which I get. I get why FreeFrom would want to do it and I get why Ben and Lauren would agree to do it. I also get why it wouldn’t be any good. When every single episode you produce, you have to come up with storylines and scenarios that make … Continue reading

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