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The Bachelor 12 – Matt

  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Finale Recap – 5/12/08

    -I can’t wait to get married someday. Really, I can’t. I’m sure it’ll be pretty special. In fact, I already know how I’m going to propose. And I’ve known for about 5 years. I just haven’t had anyone to propose to. But whenever it is, and to whoever it is, I can only hope it’ll come across as heartfelt and romantic as Matt Grant getting down on one knee asking Shayne Lamas, “Monkey, will you marry me?” He didn’t actually say that, right? Monkey? Really? Not as if we didn’t hear that word 500 other times last night but did he have to throw it in during the proposal? I was shocked. Well, I was shocked by a couple things. First off, that he was even proposing to her in the first place. And secondly, that he thought referring to her as a zoo animal would make the proposal that much more romantic. Didn’t something seem off about the whole love story between those two? The way he … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Recap – 5/5/08

    -Since the “Women Tell All” episodes usually produces my shortest column of the season, let’s get to a couple things first. I think I might have more non-“Bachelor” stuff in this weeks column than an actual recap of the show. If you didn’t see it, you missed NOTHING other than Matt has joined the “Since I’m British, I guess I should shave my head like Beckham” club. You can see that all is well with the site and it’s back up and running like a normal website should. Thank you Word Press. And once again, go screw yourself Blogger. I think I like the white background better than the blue anyway. Seems a little easier to read. I spent some time this weekend manually putting in old archives one by one. So as you can see in the right hand column, the last three seasons of the Bachelor are all there, along with last seasons “Dr. Reality Steve”, and a couple years worth of “Reality Roundup” columns, which … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 12 - Matt

    The Bachelor Recap – 4/28/08

    Yes, we have finally decided to get a divorce from Blogger. They were giving me too much of a hassle over these last couple weeks, so I’ve decided to go with Word Press. Obviously, I wanted to get the column up as quick as possible, so I didn’t have time to mess around with the settings or create the page how I wanted it to look. So bear with me on the comments section, I don’t think it works right now. And as for the archive section, that’s gonna take a while to upload everything, but I’ll work on it once this season is over. By the time Deannas Bachelorette season rolls around, I should have this all figured out. Until then, just know the column will be back up Tuesday mornings for the rest of this season (all 2 episodes of it), as usual. All I do know is I’m done with Blogger. F*** you, Blogger. Good riddance. Enjoy the column.

    -Never will I ever give Time … Continue reading

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