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The Bachelor 13 – Jason

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    A Few Notes and an Interview Coming Tomorrow You Don’t Want To Miss

    Seems like we’re at the calm before the storm right now. Things seem to be settling in a little bit, just days before the explosive finale. That’s good. I’m liking this. Not nearly as hectic as last week was. I guess because people are starting to realize what’s about to happen and they’re preparing themselves accordingly. Just to update, I have no new news on the ATFR 2 taping. But if I had to guess, I wouldn’t be surprised if that show is cancelled. Wouldn’t be unprecedented since they did it last season with DeAnna too. Remember when ABC sent out a press release regarding this so-called “party” they were going to have for the final couple the night after the finale aired? Then all the sudden it never happened and we were never given an explanation. Something tells me that MIGHT happen this season too. I think they’ll be able to show Jason dumping Melissa, starting his relationship with Molly, then giving us an update on where … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    You Said a Mouthful Chris…

    Awesome. It’s official. I’ve completely gotten into the heads of everyone at ABC. Did you check Host Chris’ blog today? Essentially the whole thing is about what I’ve started. But dammit, he couldn’t mention me by name. That’s when I know I’ve hit it big. When Host Chris utters the words “Reality Steve.” I think I might shed a tear. He didn’t even re-cap the freakin’ two hour show that just aired last night! All he did was respond to the gossip which has been circulating since last Wednesday when I posted the videos.

    He wants to let everyone know that the producers of the show do not script the ending. Great Chris. What’d you expect him to say? “Hey everyone, just to let you know, Reality Steve is spot on about what happened at the ATFR taping back in January, so kudos to him!” Look, the word “scripted” has different meanings attached to it. I’ve never said the show was “scripted”, per se. That seems … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 13 - Jason

    Where Things Stand Right Now & Some Links

    I’d say it’s been a rather interesting week, don’t you think? What a whirlwind. Over 200,000 combined views on the You Tube videos. I guess its official: Maddie is a star and no one gives a crap about me. Boy did I ever open up a can of worms. I guess I did know a little somethin’ somethin’. Before we get started, I want to direct you to a couple links regarding me breaking the “exclusive” news last week.

    First, I did an online interview for a fellow blogger who writes about the “Bachelor”. The first part of that interview is at this link:

    Part 1 of Reality Steve Interview

    I think you’ll be entertained by it. Answers a few questions about myself and a little about this season. Part 2 is coming on Wednesday, so I’ll have that link up then as well. That’s when we get into the meat and potatoes part of this season. Well, as much as I can divulge.

    I did … Continue reading

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