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The Bachelor 14 – Jake

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    More “Bachelor” Thoughts

    A few things to go over here regarding the news in “Bachelor” world. I think some of you are confused by what I said about Rozlyn’s appearance on Monday’s “Women Tell All” episode, so let me be as clear as I can. Since Rozlyn spoke to RadarOnline, it pretty much confirmed what I had heard. As I mentioned, Rozlyn never once confronts Jake on the show. They’re never on the same stage together at the same time, nor does she ever interact with him at any point. However, some of you took that to mean when she was brought out, it was just her and Chris on stage. Not the case. From what I heard, which was then confirmed by Rozlyn in her interview, she was kept sequestered from all the other women during the whole taping. She says she was backstage “for hours” while taping started, and didn’t even know what was being said since they weren’t letting her listen in. When they brought her out for … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    The Bachelor Recap – 2/15/10 along with Details on ABC’s Phony WTA Promo and Ali as the Bachelorette

    If you haven’t read the column since last Tuesday, I suggest you go back and read (or listen) to the two postings I did on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. I did an hour and a half audio interview with that’s available to listen to. All you have to do is go to Wednesday’s column and click the play button. Then, probably more importantly, on Thursday I told you about what was coming in Ali’s fake phone call you saw last night. It was all completely staged. Ali was told to make that phone call, Jake was not taken by surprise, both Ali and Jake knew what they were supposed to talk about, and it was all done for dramatic purposes. They wanted people to think Ali was gonna come back on the show, and she never did, which was obvious even to the biggest simpleton walking the planet. Ali has a contract. She does what they tell her to do, and that phone call was … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    News on Ali’s Fake Phone Call to Jake

    On a formatting note, we’ve now broken up each of my columns into pages so you aren’t scrolling down one giant long page to read the column anymore. Might not be something you’re used to at first, but trust me, this is so much better. Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. Well, I know why. Because I had no clue what I was doing.

    The biggest news to deal with now is this phone call that Ali places to Jake in Monday’s episode wanting back on the show. Uh huh. Actually, I feel insulted that ABC would think I would buy that garbage they’re selling. Are you kidding me? There’s about a million things wrong with that clip they are currently previewing. Just on production value alone, it’s about as spliced and chopped up as anything they’ve ever done this side of Wes Hayden’s edit last season. How stupid do they think their audience is? I know a lot of you want Ali and … Continue reading

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