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    Interview from Last Night, plus, Some News on the “Women Tell All” & Tenley’s Ex

    Here is the interview I did last night with the website It’s about an hour and a half long, and there were some technical difficulties here and there, but all in all, a good time. Thanks to everyone who called in a participated. I appreciate it. We’ll be doing it again soon. To listen, all you have to do is click the play button on the screen. Enjoy…

    Or, try going to this link to listen in there as well:

    A couple notes to update people on:

    The “Women Tell All” taping is this weekend in LA. Ali will be there, as I’m assuming Gia will as well. However, the latest I’m hearing is that Chris Harrison is gonna get his wish, and somehow they’ve convinced Rozlyn to make an appearance. Oh boy. Just like Wes last season, I have a feeling Rozlyn is in a lose-lose situation. If she didn’t show up, people would say she’s running from the show because she’s guilty. … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    The Bachelor Recap – 2/8/10 Incl. Details About Ali’s Departure & The Next Bachelorette

    If you haven’t been back to the site since last Thursday, I suggest you scroll down when you’re done reading, and check out Thursday’s post including a Mike Fleiss interview where he addresses the spoilers I’ve released. Also covers a few things that a lot of you are asking regarding Vienna’s reputation taking a beating in “US Weekly”. Not surprising, but you gotta remember to separate the Vienna you’re hearing about now as opposed to the one who was filming in October and November. Jake would have no clue this would eventually all come out against her, and even then, it’s his decision to choose what to believe and what not to believe about her. Hey, Jillian stuck by Ed even after text messages and emails proved he was contacting other women while he was on the show, while he left the show the first time, and even after he got back from filming an engagement. So who’s to say Jake isn’t gonna do the same thing … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    Mike Fleiss and I Should Get Together and Go Bowling

    Did someone from the “Bachelor” franchise finally acknowledge me? Really? Now I have to worry about Israeli secret service? Uhhhh, sure. I’ll be sure not to answer any knocks at my door from strangers. In case you haven’t read this morning, they interviewed Mike Fleiss on his thoughts about spoiler leaks on the internet, mostly notably mine. Check it out here. It’s a very interesting read because Fleiss essentially backs up everything I’ve said in the past about my role regarding this show.

    Yeah, I’m sure it bugs them that I’ve leaked spoilers about their show well in advance of it actually happening, but really, is it that big of deal considering the ratings this show gets? No, of course it isn’t. And that’s what I’ve contended all along. What I do does nothing to stop people from watching the show. Just gives them an idea what goes on behind the curtain so maybe they’ll start watching the show like I do, which is with a … Continue reading

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