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The Bachelor 14 – Jake

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    The Bachelor Recap – 2/1/10

    Ok, you’re not gonna believe this, but the reason why the column has been done for the last three hours but hasn’t posted is because, for whatever reason, the YouTube clip of Gia, and one of the links I attached, were not allowing me to upload them into the column. Once I took them out, I could post it. When I put them back in, I couldn’t. Then I just moved them to the top of the column, and they worked. So screwy. Anyway, that’s why the column hasn’t gone up. So what I write about Gia in the beginning, and a link to help out my friend, I originally had towards the end of the column, and it wouldn’t load. But now that I moved it up to the beginning, it’s working. Whatever. Here’s today’s column.

    It definitely looks like we will not be having any more website issues. Why it took a year for someone to tell me all I needed was a bigger server, I’ll … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    The Bachelor Recap – 1/25/10

    Hopefully this is the last of the major glitches to the site. But just to be safe, if you’re reading it, I’d cut and paste it and save it somewhere else just so you have it. It might be gone next time you check. I’ve forked over a good amount of money to purchase a much bigger server that allows me to handle plenty of traffic, so we should be done with major site problems. Thanks for your patience. And by the way, this is another long ass column. A LOT to cover, so make sure you read it thoroughly.

    Back in my “Reality Roundup” column on 12/14, I gave everyone a heads up on a Vegas weekend I was planning right after Jake’s season ended. I haven’t mentioned it since because, well, I didn’t know what exactly was going on. Well, now I do. I will be in Vegas the weekend of March 5-7th to hang out, have a good time, and do what I do. … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    The Bachelor Recap – 1/18/10

    WARNING: This is the longest column I’ve ever written. Please, take your time and read all of it. I’ve come to realize that most of you skip around and miss some important subjects, then ask about things I’ve already covered. I know it’s long and drawn out. But if there was ever a column not to skim through, it’s this one. Please. It’s for your own good. And my sanity.

    TONS of stuff to get to before we start this week’s column. I mean, A LOT. Almost seven pages on Microsoft Word worth of info. I need to get this off my chest first. I know you all are very anxious to read my columns on Tuesdays, and I appreciate that very much. I realize the site going down the last few weeks is frustrating. Trust me, it’s 1,000 times more frustrating for me than it is for you. With that said, I would greatly appreciate if everyone would kindly back off the emails and FB wall … Continue reading

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