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The Bachelor 17 – Sean

  • The Bachelor 17 - Sean

    “Women Tell All” Recap Including The Letter, Who’s the Bachelorette, & a Fun Trivia Game for Fans to Play

    Quite a few things to get to before today’s recap, and I use the word “recap” lightly because as is the case every season, the “Tell All” episode isn’t a regular long recap. There just isn’t enough material to work with since it’s mostly a recap show and hearing the women say stuff we’ve already heard them say on the show or in their exit interviews already. So the last two columns of every season (the “Tell All” and the finale), aren’t normal recaps where I break down the episode in real time. It’s more or less my overall thoughts on the show. However this week, there’s A LOT of news and information to get to before we even get to that portion of the recap, all of which I’m sure you’ll be interested in, including a fun new game for you to play to test your “Bachelor” franchise knowledge that I created. I’ll talk about that on the next page.

    First off, gotta start with the … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” Including the “Bachelorette” Premiere Date

    Column is up early today because, well, I’m outta here. Figured you didn’t want to wait until I was on a plane to post it, so I might as well do it before I leave. Although because it’s being posted early, I can’t include episode 6 of “Burning Love” because it hasn’t been posted yet. Just go to their website today and it will be posted.

    ABC announced yesterday that they will announce who the “Bachelorette” is during the live finale on Monday, March 11th and the season will premiere on May 20th. So that gives me 11 days to find out who it is. Realistically, there are only three women who have a shot at this thing: Desiree, AshLee, and Lesley, and I don’t even think Lesley has much of a chance. As I told you on Tuesday, Lindsay is out. I’m not sure the reason behind it because I know they wanted her and it was her gig to lose, so, I guess … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    “Dr. Reality Steve” & the Tabloids Beginning to Ramp Up Their Coverage

    It’s around that time of the season (two weeks away from the finale), where the tabloids have to ramp up their stories and headlines to grab people’s attention. And yes, sometimes they are right about things. But today’s “Star” magazine headline about how Sean has been “cheating” on Catherine with Emily, and that he still has feelings for her, are completely ridiculous and 100% untrue. Totally ridiculous. They know that interest is high in the show right now, we’re nearing the end of the season, so if they don’t put something on their cover about it, they’ll be behind their competitors who are all covering it. So before I get asked 875 different times, “Is it true Sean is cheating with Emily,” the answer is “no.” I read the story this morning. There’s no factual basis, no specific times, dates, and locations where this “cheating” could’ve possibly taken place, and it’s basically just one of their attention grabbing stories. As I’ve said plenty of times since November 26th, … Continue reading

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