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The Bachelor 17 – Sean

  • The Bachelor 17 - Sean

    The Bachelor Sean Recap Including DWTS Info (Yes, He’s Doing It) & Who’s NOT Gonna Be the “Bachelorette?”

    A very short week for me. Not column wise, since you’ll get your “Dr. Reality Steve” tomorrow and “Reader Emails” on Thursday, but, I’m on a plane to Vegas Thursday morning for my friends’ 40th birthday. Hence, I will not be too interested in anything “Bachelor” related for four days straight. Essentially, once those spoilers were posted back in November, there really wasn’t much else to figure out this season, and outside of the specifics behind Sarah’s exit, every other spoiler I gave you this season was 100% correct. My “detective” work happens in the two months that the show is filming, and then when the season airs is actually the easy part – which is making fun of the show. So in March thru May when the “Bachelorette” is filming is when I’m piecing all my info together. I’m gathering info on the guys who will be appearing on the “Bachelorette” as we speak. I’ve got four that I’m pretty solid on and a few others I’m … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 17 - Sean

    “Women Tell All” Spoilers

    If you’ve watched most of this season (as I’m guessing most of you have), and you’ve followed any social media since the show has been airing, you’ll notice that plenty of Sean’s girls get along with each other. Almost all of them do. With the exception of Tierra and maybe Amanda, can you think of any of Sean’s girls that came across as aloof, mean, rude, bitchy, or unliked by others? There really wasn’t. Which pretty much meant if Tierra didn’t show up for the “Women Tell All” taping (which there were reports that she wasn’t going to), then this was going to be an awfully painful two hours to watch, because as good as this show is at manufacturing drama where there isn’t, I sure as hell would’ve liked to have seen them drum up some drama with a bunch of girls that all like each other. That would’ve been some of their best work to date if they were able to generate drama out of that. … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” “Burning Love” Episode 4 & Tierra’s Twin Sister Gets Booted from Idol

    I get asked quite a bit about my job and how I got into this and what keeps me going after all these years writing about a reality show. I could write for days about this, but I just did an interview yesterday with someone that I’ll post the link to once it comes out that addresses this very topic. I think too many people take every single word I write much, much too seriously. When it comes to the spoilers (which are factual based), then yes, you can take those seriously. But some of the off handed comments I make about this show and the people on it, it’s weird to see some of the reaction to it. Remember, I’ve been writing “Bachelor” recaps for 10 YEARS. It’s not like I just started getting spoilers and snarking about the show. I’ve written an episode recap for every episode this franchise has ever done outside of seasons 1 & 2 of the “Bachelor.” That’s 15 seasons of the … Continue reading

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