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The Bachelor 17 – Sean

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    “Dr. Reality Steve,” “Sean Tells All” Summary, Ratings News, & Desiree’s Brother Tweets

    You know how every season, no matter who’s named the “Bachelor” or the “Bachelorette,” without fail, you’ll hear, “Ugh…why’d they cast THAT person! I’m never watching again!” Or maybe you’ll hear, “Are you kidding me? That person is so boring. No way they can carry a show,” or even my current favorite, “Why do they keep recycling contestants? Get someone new in there. We’re sick of the same people!” Uh huh. Any of you who uttered any of those thoughts when Sean was announced as the “Bachelor” over Arie catch the ratings for Monday night’s episode by any chance? 9.2 million people watched the hometown date episode. Not only was it the most watched episode this season, it was the most watched non-finale episode in 2 YEARS. That’s four seasons since they’ve had an episode more watched than Monday nights, outside of a finale. Can’t be because of the Tierra train wreck, she wasn’t on it. So save all your whining and bitching in a couple weeks when … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 17 - Sean

    The Bachelor Sean Recap Including Your Next “American Idol”

    With the “Sean Tells All” 1 hr special airing tonight, tomorrow’s column will include a brief recap of that along with your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails. I mean lets face it, I really don’t think there’s going to be anything earth shattering that Sean says tonight on this show. It was taped a couple weeks ago, and he’s just gonna talk about some of the girls he eliminated and break down the final three girls and his feelings. The promo has Chris asking him, “What happened inside the fantasy suite?” Do you honestly think Sean is gonna be like, “Well, let me tell ya’ Chris. The first girl…” Not quite. The season is doing well in the ratings, and this is just a way for them to milk an extra hour out of the season. Sure there will be some footage we haven’t seen, and Sean commenting on things we haven’t heard him publicly comment on just yet, but just don’t expect many fireworks to come out of … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” & the Premiere of “Burning Love” Season 2

    Gonna start the column with a “Happy Valentines Day,” and ironically enough, gonna end it with one after a very special email was sent. I’m not really one to complain about Valentine’s Day because I’m dateless or whatever. It is what it is. Sure, the tweets and Facebook posts from people in a relationship who feel the need to tell us what their significant other did for them is annoying today, but you know what, it’s annoying every day when people do that. So no need to just single out this day. Great, he bought you flowers. Why do you feel the need to push your relationship on other people? The more people use social media to talk about their personal/love life, the bigger turn off it is. If you’re in love, great. That’s wonderful. But the more you tell people how wonderful your life is and how in love you are, the more I just think that it’s not as great as it actually is, and you’re … Continue reading

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