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The Bachelor 18 – Juan Pablo

  • The Bachelor 18 - Juan Pablo

    The “Bachelor” Juan Pablo Recap Including My Thoughts on His Statements Regarding Gays

    Quite a few of you emailed me yesterday asking where was my recap regarding Sunday night’s “Bachelor: Love Stories” episode. Ummmm, what was there to say? It was a bunch of couples holding hands walking along in parks talking about how great their relationship is. That’s great for them, but I didn’t think there was a whole hell of a lot to dedicate a column to. We know the show loves trotting out all their success stories to keep fans with that hope that this show ultimately works, when in reality, those couples are the exception rather than the norm. Here’s what I’ll say for all five of the couples: I think a major part of their success was moving out of LA and not getting caught up in the Hollywood aspect of it. I think they’d all agree that played a part in them lasting. Not saying it’s a guarantee if you move away you’ll succeed, but it does a play a big role. Hence the reason … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” More on the Elise Situation & Live Chat Tonight 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

    I’d say it’s been an interesting last 48 hrs concerning the Elise story. It’s just still amazing to me that no one took 20 seconds out of their day to ever go do a Google search on her and find this video. If I didn’t post it, someone else would’ve. Once I start finding out who the contestants are on these shows, the first thing I do is a Google search to find out anything I can on these people. Some have a lot, some have very little. Elise didn’t have a ton, but it was one of the first things I saw. However, this was back in October and there was no point to bring it up then. I’ve known about the video for 3 months but figured I’d wait til the season started before mentioning it since that’s when more people would see it. If someone else found it and posted it before me, I was fine with that because Elise is not a major player … Continue reading

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