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    Welcome to the New

    It’s been 4 years since we changed the format of the site, so I figured it was time to give it a different look now. To me, it seems easier to navigate, but then again, I always thought the last one was easy too and I heard complaints. Whatever the case, you can see the 4 pictures at the top of the page will be the 4 columns that will be most read throughout the course of the season. Of course “Bachelor Ben Spoilers – Season 20” will just stay there all season with no changes. So rather than having to go to the navigation bar, or see an episode-by-episode link in a column, all you have to do is click that picture and it brings you directly to your episode-by-episode spoilers. When next season rolls around, that picture will change to whoever the Bachelorette is and have your spoilers there at one click. Every new Tuesday recap will be under “Bachelor Ben Recaps,” same with “Reader Emails,” … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 20 - Ben

    What Happens in Episode 1 of the “Bachelor?”

    Here is your review/spoilers for the first episode. Ever since Emily’s season, I’ve been able to view the first episode in advance, minus the rose ceremony (ABC doesn’t release that part of the episode bc they don’t want anyone spoiling it). And lets not be mistaken, it’s not like ABC lets me view this because they feel I’m on their side and am someone who’s going to kiss their ass and write glowing reviews about their show. Basically I’m not supposed to have access to the first episode, but I do. So what follows will be everything you’ll see in the first episode when it airs on January 4th. I’m still waiting for word on what the plan is for a show like they did with “After Paradise.” I’m sure it’s going to happen, I just don’t think it’ll be every week. Once I find out, I’ll let you know. This was about as standard of a first episode as you’ll see. Nothing in this episode is the … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 20 - Ben

    Your Annual “Bachelor Bio Breakdown”

    Even though you’ve known about all these girls since Oct. 27th, yesterday with the ABC bio’s being released, we learned a little bit more about each girl. Remember that one season where they actually took screen shots of the guy’s hand written answers? Why don’t they do that anymore? I think that was Emily’s guys they did that for, but I could be wrong. I wanna see which of these girls has that flowery, girly type handwriting, and which ones write like a dude. Whatever the case, here’s the page with every girl’s bio on it. When reading through each one, if you click on their name above their picture, it will bring you to each individual bio in case you want to read the whole thing. I just picked out something in their bio that I thought was interesting, noteworthy, or just downright disturbing and commented on it. This has become an annual tradition so lets see how many are already immediately offended … Continue reading

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