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    More Interviews Coming and Some Jeremy Reaction

    -Wanted to update everyone on a couple things happening on the site. Within the next week, we should have two new interviews up. One is Bachelor/ette related, and the other is from a completely different reality show that I’ve rarely talked about on this site but I’ve watched every season of. I’ve been in contact with Brad Womack and he is 100% confirmed for the interview. However, he just recently underwent a minor surgery and he’s laid up the rest of the week, but he says next week he’s in. As for the other interview, I’d rather not jinx it. I’m guessing most of you won’t even care about this person, but I do since this show has always been one of my favorites and it’s something I’ve been into since I was a little kid. If you can go back and find a mention of it in a previous column, you’ll probably guess who it is. All I’ll say is that its a female. I’ve gotten in … Continue reading

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    Reality Steve Interviews Jeremy

    So it wasn’t too hard to figure out. Jeremy lives in Dallas. I live right outside of Dallas. Thankfully ABC didn’t get involved and this interview was able to come off. This looooooong interview I might add. Let’s just say you’re gonna probably need to download this to your ipod considering it’s an hour and a half long. I think at one point I might’ve asked him his social security number. There are a few audio glitches in the last half of the interview that I apologize for. Didn’t realize that happened until I listened back. However, Jeremy was very open and candid about his whole experience on the show. I think we pretty much covered everything that was important. And if I forgot something, it’s probably something he told me off mike that I forgot to re-ask. Listening back to it, there were some topics we didn’t really cover like DeAnna’s blow up at the BBQ, Robert’s popped collar, and a couple others. But there were plenty … Continue reading

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    The Bachelorette Finale Recap – 7/7/08

    -For those of you that are familiar with the column, you know I don’t do a regular recap of the finale. It’s more a summary of what we saw throughout the course of the season and comments about the end result and eventual failed relationship we’ll be hearing about soon enough. I expect nothing different this season. This season has definitely been a bit different than past seasons in that, I’ve never heard so many rumors about the finale, what’s true and what isn’t, and how many different scenarios we’ve heard of what really went down. Here’s what I know. I was told over a month ago that the final four were Jeremy, Jason, Jesse, and Graham. I was also told with 100% certainty that Graham went home after the hometown dates, and Jeremy after the overnight dates. I was then told that Jason was DeAnna’s final pick, but that’s wasn’t 100% confirmed. Although, after hearing it was him, I watched the rest of the show thinking it … Continue reading

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