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The Bachelorette 4 – DeAnna

  • The Bachelorette 4 - DeAnna

    The Bachelorette Recap – 6/30/08

    -Ok, I’m a little confused as to what’s coming up with the “The Bachelorette” in the coming weeks. As we know, next week is the 2 hour finale, followed by an “After the Final Rose” show with Deanna, Jason and Jesse, and an nice update as to what Matt and Shayne have been up to since their season ended. My guess? A whole lot of nothing. Other than him moving out of her LA condo. However, a recent press release showed that on Monday night, July 14th, ABC will air something called “The Bachelorette: Engagement Party”. I have no idea what this is. I mean, I can probably guess that it’ll be a party celebrating DeAnna and whatever “J” she choses engagement. Probably filled with a lot of fluff and nonsense about an engagement that probably won’t lead to a wedding. Why are they gonna have an “After the Final Rose” show next week, followed by an “Engagement Party” episode the following week? And I highly doubt its … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 4 - DeAnna

    The Bachelorette Recap – 6/23/08

    -I don’t think I’ve ever given a “shout out” in this column, nor do I ever think I’ve acknowledged the death of anybody – until today. In case you haven’t heard, legendary comedian George Carlin died Sunday night in Santa Monica. I think it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be writing this column, I wouldn’t love watching stand-up comedy, and I wouldn’t be half as funny as I think I am if it weren’t for George Carlin. Outside of “Bill Cosby Himself”, every George Carlin HBO special was must-see TV for me growing up. I taped every single one of them, watched them over and over and over again after school, and can still probably recite most of them if I sat down and watched them. He was a comedic genius back in the day, and for a while I wanted to be a stand-up comedian – all because of George Carlin. He got a little preachy and outdated towards his later years, but his early stuff … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 4 - DeAnna

    The Bachelorette Recap – 6/16/08

    -Much shorter column this week. Thank God. There’s really no reason to do a full recap of the “DeAnna Tells All” episode considering she didn’t really tell us much that we already didn’t know. And I’m still trying to figure out why for the first time in 16 seasons they even decided to do a show where the “Bachelor/Bachelorette” handicaps the final six. Especially this season where it was pretty obvious which four she was keeping. If you looked at any spoilers in the past month, you knew that Jason, Jeremy, Jesse, and Graham were the final four. Hell, even if you didn’t, if you watched the previews for the rest of the season, they showed her on hometown dates and overnight dates with those four. The only clips you saw of Sean and Twilley were from last nights episode. So here are just a few quick thoughts from what I remember about the “Tell All” episode. I never wrote anything down so this is all coming off … Continue reading

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