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The Bachelorette 8 – Emily

  • Bachelorette Emily Spoilers

    Emily’s Location & An Update on Last Night’s Video Blog

    For those that missed last night’s video blog, or are wanting to go back and watch it, for the first time, we’re having technical issues with Vokle, the site that hosts the show. It’s not loading correctly. I sent an email over there asking what happened, and they are working on it. As soon as it’s fixed, I will post it. I’m not sure when that’ll be, but when it’s fixed (if it even is), I’ll post it. It was 90 minutes of brilliance if I don’t say so myself. Ok, maybe not, but nonetheless, it was fun.

    For weeks now I’ve been telling you I was told three locations where the show was headed this season, but hadn’t gotten 100% confirmation and I was waiting to see if they showed up in one one of them. If they did, then I’d give the other locations. I was emailed this morning a Twitter account based in Croatia that tweeted the “Bachelorette” was filming there. The Twitter account … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Emily Spoilers

    More Emily Info, Another Confirmed Contestant, & Another Live Video Blog Tonight at 9PM EST/6PM PST

    Sweet. Wifi on the plane, so now I can get caught up on some stuff. As for yesterday’s news, looks like we’re down to 10 guys in England. Eight were on the Romeo and Juliet group date and two 1-on-1’s. I seriously doubt since there was a 2-on-1 in Bermuda, that they had another 2-on-1 in the next city, hence the reason I believe 10 are currently left with a rose ceremony happening last night.

    Before the season I had told you I’d heard three locations where the “Bachelorette” was headed this season. I didn’t know if they were in the order I heard them, or if one of them was a final rose ceremony destination, or what. I just heard three locations. I can tell you that none of the places they’ve been to thus far since leaving Charlotte (Bermuda and England) were any of the three locations I’d heard. Could mean something. Could mean nothing. One of the locations I heard was the Bahamas, which … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Emily Spoilers

    Emily in England, More Pics from Bermuda, and More Confirmed Contestants

    What a crazy 24 hours to say the least. I was supposed to head back to Texas yesterday, but as you know, major tornadoes hit close to DFW and a lot of damage was done, so all flights back yesterday were cancelled. I tried re-booking to fly back today, and there were no flights available, so, I’ll be heading back tomorrow. Fortunately I spoke to my father, and where I live, there wasn’t much damage. Just rained real hard and had some hail. Maddie is fine and I can’t wait to get back to see her tomorrow.

    As for what’s going on with the show, since I’ve been in CA, I haven’t really been all over things like I should be. Haven’t been able to check emails at all times and have just kinda been enjoying myself out here and not thinking about this show 24/7. Here’s what I can update you on after I finally got caught up on some emails and phone calls this morning … Continue reading

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