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The Bachelorette 8 – Emily

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    “Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” A “Bachelor Pad” Update, and Brad Womack Speaks

    Well, well, well. The big 3-7. I’m officially in my late 30’s. Shoot me now. And I don’t feel a day older than 21. Or something like that. No live video blog tonight due to the fact I’ll be out at dinner and just wanted to take a one week break. Figured today would be the time to do it. Thanks to all who’ve send birthday wishes. Impossible to reply to all of them.

    Wanted to correct one thing from the spoilers yesterday that I have since updated. In Prague, I said that Sean gets the group date rose and Doug is eliminated during the 3-on-1 date because he gets upset by it. Actually, had it backwards. Sean does get the rose, but it’s AFTER Doug has already been eliminated. So Emily gives Sean the group date rose when it’s just between him and Chris. And Chris isn’t thrilled about it. Just wanted to clarify that.

    Couple updates from the ever-so-changing “Bachelor Pad” list that I … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Emily Spoilers

    The Bachelorette Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

    It’s taken me three episodes, but finally here are your episode-by-episode spoilers. There were a couple last minute things I was waiting on, and outside of exactly how the Croatia rose ceremony goes down, everything is accurate. I’m still working on the ending in light of some new information I received last Friday. Could be something, could be nothing. But until I know with 100% certainty how the ending shakes out, I’m gonna hold off on reporting it, because right now I don’t know. Seems that there’s a new piece of information I get every day that either could be a big deal, or turn out to be nothing. This season has been really weird with them sequestering all three guys from the overnight dates on. A lot of misinformation floating out there.

    I could easily run with what I think or what I’m hearing, but I don’t like to go off hunches. That got me in trouble during Brad’s season when I said he was with Chantal. … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Pad 3

    The Bachelorette Recap Including Bachelor Pad 3 Info, Alessandro’s Language Trouble & His Vampire Fetish

    If you missed my tweet yesterday, I’ll repeat myself: Tomorrow I will be posting your episode-by-episode spoilers up to the final three guys. So hopefully that will hold a lot of you over until I find out with 100% certainty what happened from the overnight dates on. Well, besides the fact that Emily didn’t spend the night with any of her final three guys, which I reported a couple weeks ago. A lot of rumors/speculations/theories floating around out there about what happens at the end of this season. A lot. Once I feel comfortable with the correct information, I will relay it to everyone. Definitely quite a few pieces to this puzzle this season, and I think we’re in for an interesting ending based on what I’m hearing. But come tomorrow, you’ll have your breakdown of HOW we get to that point. As I mentioned, a lot of it was spoiled while filming was happening, but now you’ll have it all in one place. If you ever get … Continue reading

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