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(SPOILER): TMZ Spoils Becca’s Finale, Podcast React, & More

You know through the years, there’s always been this notion from people who just can’t believe how accurate I’ve been on spoilers, that there just has to be something fishy going on. Some people are convinced to this day that I work for ABC which is about the most ignorant statement out there. Some people think I have a relative who works on the show. Again, ridiculous. And some people think I pay people for information. No matter how many times I deny it, those people will stick to their narrative because, I don’t know, they can’t accept reality or something. But you know what? Unless they see my bank statements, which they never will, in their minds they can just convince themselves that’s how I do it. I’m gonna do something today that I don’t do very often. I’m gonna share an email exchange from yesterday with you from someone who could’ve been a source. If you haven’t seen the news by now, TMZ posted pictures from Becca’s final rose ceremony in the Maldives this morning which clearly shows Becca is engaged to Garrett. Pretty clear. No smoke and mirrors here. Only on Ben and Courtney’s season had pics of the final rose ceremony ever surfaced before the finale. Although Ben and Courtney in Switzerland didn’t come out until right before the finale aired though, so props to TMZ for getting this out early.

Yesterday morning at 5:52am, I received this email. It’s cut and pasted for you along with my response. I left their name out since there’s no need to share it:

***** **** <********>
May 23 at 5:52 AM
Subject: Bachelorette 2018 – Filming of the Rose Ceremony

Hey Steve,

Whilst on my honeymoon in the Maldives, I witnessed what I am certain is the final rose ceremony from the Bachelorette 2018 with Becca Kufrin.

The ceremony took place on the 10th May at 3pm local time, the photos I have show this exact date and time.

I have photo and video evidence of this ceremony which took place at the resort I was staying at

I have photos of Becca and the man she chooses kissing whilst getting photos with the crew, with a clear enough view of the guy she gives the final rose to which would easily show who the man she chooses in the final rose ceremony is.

I know it was the filming of the Bachelorette as my partner and I spent a lot of time in the same public areas as the crew, including catching a flight with most of them/ We overheard a number of conversations which made reference to ‘Rose Ceremony’s. I have photo’s of the staff/crew also.

We also witnessed the man she chooses being filmed getting on and off a boat ‘entering’ the ceremony.

The staff at the resort told us that there was an American TV series of a wedding being filmed there whilst we were there. There was a lot of security and secrecy at the resort during the time we were there.

I look forward to hearing from you.

From: Steve []
Sent: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 7:02 AM
To: ****, ***** <********>
Subject: Filming of the Rose Ceremony

That’s great. I don’t really need pics and videos of it. Just more curious about which guy it is. Although seeing it would certainly help confirm it but it’s not something I would post. I assume you’re looking for payment for these pics and video but I don’t pay for info, sorry. But if you’d just tell me who it was and maybe send one pic to verify that, it’d be great. You can even send it in Snapchat so it’ll disappear and I can’t keep it.

They never emailed me back, and TMZ posted what they did today. When I get emails like that of people telling me they have pics and video, yet they don’t actually share the pics and video, it’s always because they’re looking to get paid. She found the right bidder. I don’t blame them. Usually though it’s just of dates during the season or whatever. Never been of the finale. And yes, when someone uses the word “whilst” more than once in an email and speaks in such a proper way, as opposed to just saying “I’ve got pictures and video of Becca’s finale, do you want them?” of course a little part of me has doubts it’s even legit. This person had never emailed me before that I can recollect, so they kinda have to prove themselves to me. Hence the reason I suggested Snapchat so there’d really be no way for me to keep the pic, and I could tell that’s what they didn’t want me doing. But they ended up being legit obviously.

Am I surprised at Garrett? No. Told you in week 4 he was the front runner. Told you he was in the final 2 with Blake. Told you the first episode you can make a strong case that for the 4th season in a row the first impression rose guy/first kiss guy was your winner since on Monday, you’ll see how clear it was she was into him. Told you last week I heard he won and that I heard that Blake won. Just needed to figure out which info was wrong. Now I know. The conspiracy theorists are already saying this is ABC’s way to shutting me up and spoiling their own season so people don’t follow me or whatever. Please. #1, the email should prove that meaningless. This person sold the pics to an outlet that would pay them. This wasn’t an inside job. I have the woman’s name and seen who she is. She has nothing to do with the show. Plain and simple. And #2, the only other way that’s true is if every season from here on out, pics are posted of the final rose ceremony within days of it happening, and that’s just not gonna happen. The show was careless, someone got them, found the right bidder, and it’s out there. There’s no tricky editing they can do this season to make you think otherwise. In season’s I spoil I, for the most part, never have any proof. You just have to trust me. And most of the time, you’ve been able to. This season, you’ve got your proof now from TMZ. Does ABC acknowledge it? Do they still try and pretend these pictures are somehow fake, even though they’re clearly not? Conspiracy theorists have at it until you’re blue in the face. This season is done. They got had by a passerby on her honeymoon. No mystery left now.



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