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Bachelor in Paradise 7

  • Bachelor in Paradise 7

    “Bachelor in Paradise” Finale Thoughts, Bachelor Nation Contestants Seen Together (PICS), & Michelle’s Final Two Confirmed

    Photo Credit: ABC

    A lot of Bachelor Nation notes to get to today before giving my thoughts on the BIP finale that was about as long and drawn out as you can get. Holy Jesus that was long. As I tweeted, when a friend informed me that “Dumb and Dumber” was on at the same time on Channel 241 on DirecTV, I gotta admit, I was flipping back and forth once we were down to the final 3 couples and there were still 90 minutes left on the show. Yeah, Harry and Lloyd’s antics kept me entertained while, I’m sorry, Riley/Maurissa, Joe/Serena, & Kenny/Mari pretty much went through the motions for the remainder of the show. How can you not be entertained by two nitwits navigating their way from Providence to Aspin (yes, that’s how Lloyd spells it)? I could watch that movie 500 times and it will never not be funny. Too many classic lines. Crazy thing is it still holds up today for a movie that came out in … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 7

    “Bachelor in Paradise” – Episode 9 Thoughts, A Few of Clayton’s Women, & What Happens to Ivan?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    So the biggest thing to come out of last night’s episode that I was asked the most was what happens with Ivan next week. First off, when they had to evacuate because of the hurricane and go to the hotel, it was only for one night. They came back the next day. However, that night is where Ivan broke protocol. While they were supposed to be sequestered or stay in their own rooms, Ivan snuck over to Alexa Caves room (contestant on Peters season) and hung out with her all night. Producers found out about it and busted them. Alexa was set to come on the show late, but once they got caught, she was never allowed on and Ivan ended up getting kicked off the show. Not sure how Ivan found Alexa’s room, but that’s what happened. Not the worst thing in the world, but hey, rules are rules and he broke them. You’re a bad boy, Ivan. Go to your room.

    We know that ABC released … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 7

    “Reader Emails,” “Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 8 Thoughts, & “Bachelor” Talk

    Photo Credit: ABC

    As a lot of you know, outside of 2020 when the pandemic started, there are two guaranteed Vegas trips I take a year – March Madness and first weekend of NFL. For the last few years (again minus the last 2 bc of the pandemic), you can add in the weekend of my Vegas Fan Appreciation Party. And yet again, while I was in Vegas this past weekend (which happened to be one of my best FB/craps weekends ever), fairly important news broke regarding the Bachelor. I swear, it seems like this happens often when I’m there. I know back in March the day I left for March Madness was the day they released the men for Katie’s season and I was on the plane posting info on the guys. Then this past Thursday, news broke from a couple different outlets that the next “Bachelor” is gonna be a guy from Michelle’s season. So no Michael, no Greg, no Andrew. That was the first I’d heard of that, … Continue reading

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