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Bachelorette Charity Spoilers

  • Bachelorette Charity Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE) Your Charity Finale Spoilers

    Photo Credit: ABC

    This is great. Always fun times the day I drop the finale spoilers. Especially today. Why? Because I’m gonna drop them here (and on the Daily Roundup, Twitter, IG feed, and IG stories), then I’m skipping town. On a flight this morning to CA for my 30 yr high school reunion this weekend. So I drop the goods, then I’m outta here, not having to think about this all weekend. Another reason why it’ll be great to bounce once this is all out? Because of the inevitable “Well, you were wrong about this, so how do we know this is right” babble coming from the doubters. I get it. It’s impossible to convince someone the info is right unless I can show proof/evidence. But how … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Charity Spoilers

    Your Rose Ceremony-by-Rose Ceremony Spoilers for Charity’s Season Up to Final 4 & What I Know After That

    Photo Credit: ABC

    We are BACK for yet another exciting, riveting, illumination season of the “Bachelorette” filled with twists, turns, love and barely any international travel that I’m sure will have you complaining within the first few episodes! I’m kidding. Sort of. But hey, it’s been three months, and yes, bear with me here as I learn how to type again. You know, that thing I kinda have to do if I want to post a column. Yeah, I’ve basically done that once since Zach’s finale in March, so please, be gentle with me. Here we are on premiere day for Charity and below are your rose ceremony-by-rose ceremony spoilers for her season up to Hometown Dates. After that, I share what I know, what is 100% confirmed, … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Charity Spoilers

    “Reader Emails,” What’s Impressed Me Most About Ariel & Gabi Post-Filming, Fleiss is Out, & Info on Charity’s Group Date Yesterday


    One thing we learned yesterday from Zach and Kaity’s media tour was Zach calling out editing for how they showed Gabi and Kaity’s last date. On the show, we saw him have his last date with Kaity first, THEN Gabi. But when he was asked on the finale when he knew, he said it was when he saw Kaity on their last date he knew she was the one. Well, that didn’t make sense or he had lied to Gabi since they showed us Gabi went second. Zach made the correction yesterday. In reality, Gabi’s last chance date was first and THEN it was Kaity. So him saying once he saw Kaity on that last date he knew it was her makes more sense and … Continue reading

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