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Bachelorette Charity Spoilers

Your Rose Ceremony-by-Rose Ceremony Spoilers for Charity’s Season Up to Final 4 & What I Know After That

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We are BACK for yet another exciting, riveting, illumination season of the “Bachelorette” filled with twists, turns, love and barely any international travel that I’m sure will have you complaining within the first few episodes! I’m kidding. Sort of. But hey, it’s been three months, and yes, bear with me here as I learn how to type again. You know, that thing I kinda have to do if I want to post a column. Yeah, I’ve basically done that once since Zach’s finale in March, so please, be gentle with me. Here we are on premiere day for Charity and below are your rose ceremony-by-rose ceremony spoilers for her season up to Hometown Dates. After that, I share what I know, what is 100% confirmed, and what the speculation is. Right now, I don’t have your final 3 because one picture hasn’t been 100% confirmed as being someone. Once it does (if ever), then we’ll know. But until then, or until I get any other bit of info about the final, you’ll speculate. It’s good to be back, we’ve got a lot to get to, so sit back, kick your feet up, pop open a cold one, and let me be your guide through Charity’s season. You know, until we come to a screeching halt at Hometown Dates. Whatevs. I’ll get it eventually.

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Rose Ceremony #1: 25 men to 19 (Los Angeles, CA)

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Chris Spell, Joe Menzia, Khalid Hassan, Nic Barber, Peter Cappio, and Taylor Pegg.

Your 19 guys left heading into Episode 2:

Aaron Bryant
Aaron Schwartzman
Adrian Hassan
Brayden Bowers
Caleb Arthur
Caleb Balgaard
Dotun Olubeko
James Pierce
Joey Graziadei
John Buresh
John Henry Spurlock
Josh Young
Kaleb Kim
Michael Barbour
Sean McLaughlin
Spencer Storbeck
Tanner Courtad
Warwick Reider
Xavier Bonner

Rose Ceremony #2: 19 to 14 (Los Angeles, CA)

Group Date: 12 guys go to the Hollywood sign. CORRECTION: This date was at the beach and they played dodgeball. Aaron Schwartzman, Adrian Hassan, Brayden Bowers, Caleb Arthur, Caleb Balgaard, Dotun Olubeko, James Pierce, John Buresh, Kaleb Kim, Sean McLaughlin, Tanner Courtad, and Xavier Bonner.

1-on-1: Aaron Bryant. Drove around in a convertible and had a private concert at the Los Angeles theater. UPDATE: They drove the convertible to the Hollywood sign and hung out there before coming back to the LA Theater for the private concert. (Originally tweeted out that Aaron had gotten the group date rose and concert time, when it turns out he got the first 1-on-1 of season).

Group Date: Longest Kiss Date. Joey Graziadei, John Henry Spurlock, Josh Young, Michael Barbour, Spencer Storbeck, and Warwick Reider. Joey ended up winning the competition.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Caleb Arthur, John Henry Spurlock, Josh Young, Kaleb Kim, Spencer Storbeck.

Rose Ceremony #3: 14 to 10 (San Diego, CA)

1-on-1: Brayden Bowers. Helicoptered to PetCo Park, had a picnic on the field and played with golden retrievers.

Group Date: 12 men: Aaron Bryant, Aaron Schwartzman, Adrian, Caleb Balgaard, Duton, James, Joey, John, Michael, Sean, Tanner, and Xavier. Judged by JoJo, Jordan and Charity, the men participated in the “Barbie Sing Off,” which was creating their own lyrics to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Sean McLaughlin voted winner and got 1-on-1 time.

1-on-1: Warwick Reider. ADDED: This date was at the Belmont Amusement Park, the same place Colton and Elyse had their 1-on-1 date during his season. Warwick was sent home on this date.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Aaron Schwartzman, Adrian Hassan, and James Pierce. Warwick eliminated on his 1-on-1.

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