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  • Bachelor Peter Spoilers

    Podcast #164 & Column – Peter’s Rose Ceremony-by-Rose Ceremony Spoilers

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    I know it’s taken me long enough to finally get to posting your rose ceremony-by-rose ceremony spoilers, but they finally are here. As you’ll see this starts with everything from rose ceremony #1 that you already know, so you might wanna skip ahead to page 2 and pick up where we left off after Monday night’s episode. You’ll see that the overseas episodes (5-7) have no details surrounding them. The eliminations are correct, and I’m pretty sure the 1-on-1’s are, but I don’t know any of the group dates out of the country. I will hopefully fill those in the next few weeks as the season goes on. This will be an ever changing spoilers page due to the fact that the ending hasn’t been spoiled yet. I cover everything that you see here in today’s podcast as well, but I know some of you like it written out. I tried to make sure everything I said on the podcast is in here and vice versa. Sometimes it’s … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Peter Spoilers

    The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 1 Recap, Theories About the Ending, Vegas Fan Appreciation Party Info & More

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    The “Bachelor” is back and we are in unchartered territories people. We are in a place now where the lead of the show, Peter Weber, is openly addressing me in interviews. In case you missed it, last week Peter spoke with the Hollywood Reporter and mentioned me by name. This is unprecedented. I challenge anyone to google anything from this show where they specifically address me by name. Don’t bother. It hasn’t happened. But this season it has and it’s because Peter is clinging to the fact that his season will be spoiler free. Well Peter, one correction. Your ENDING might be spoiler free, but not your season. Everything about your season was spoiled within minutes of it happening. The only thing we don’t know is what happens at the end. I mean, in one sense it’s kinda flattering they’re now going out of their way to do things that change the fabric of the show strictly … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Peter Spoilers

    What You Will See Tonight on Episode #1

    Photo Credit: ABC

    And we’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack! After 3 1/2 months, we now return to regularly scheduled programming. Although some of the emails I’ve received in the off season seemed to insinuate I was never going to write another column again, that’s just not the case. Go back over the last 2 or 3 years, and I just don’t do much writing in the offseason other than to spoil in real time. Nothing’s changed on this site. You’ll have your recaps every Tuesday, “Reader Emails” every Wednesday, and podcast every Thursday along with the occasional “Dr. Reality Steve” column, so get those emails in. The one thing I have done though is take what’s in my columns and started to put it on Instagram. I would suggest following me there to view my feed and IG stories because I will be doing a lot more stuff on IG from now on. It’s 20/20. I’m getting with the times now. Not saying if you don’t follow on IG you’ll miss stuff, but there’s … Continue reading

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