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(SPOILER) Podcast # 172 & Column – How Does Peter’s Season End & “Reader Emails”

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I’m just curious, is anyone waiting on pins and needles for today? I wasn’t sure. All the DM’s and tweets at me yesterday telling me to hurry up, and “finally,” and “why couldn’t you get this sooner,” were really uplifting I tell ya’. And you wonder why I call this a thankless job. And I hate even saying that because then immediately people seem to think I want people to thank me nonstop. It’s not. That’s the opposite what I want. It’s thankless in that, I’ve done this for so long, people expect it. So when they get it, it’s like, “Well yeah, that’s his job. It’s what he’s supposed to do.” And if I don’t have it on their timeline, you know, a service I provide free of charge, they bitch that they don’t have it yet. And that bitching continues non-stop UNTIL I have it. I’ll never quite understand it, but, that’s what it is. For 3 months I’ve said I don’t know the ending. If I knew it, I would’ve told you. I’m not holding back. Trust me, I don’t wanna listen to people whine and complain for 3 months. I want the ending out as soon as possible every season. It doesn’t benefit me that I don’t find out early. This season is proof of that. I’d heard things all season. I had ideas of how this thing ended, but never got the confirmation I was looking for. Until Tuesday night. And since it happened so late Tuesday, I didn’t have time to post yesterday, but here it is today. You can also listen to me talk through everything in the first 20 minutes of today’s podcast before I start “Reader Emails.”

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So the basics I’ve laid out from the time filming ended until now were these:

-It was not a normal final rose ceremony where two girls arrive, one gets dumped, the other gets picked, and he left Australia an engaged man.
-There was no engagement in Australia.
-Madison self eliminates. But she definitely leaves the show and goes home before the end.
-When Barb is saying “don’t let her go…bring her home to us” that is the same day as when they met Madison.
-Hannah Ann is 100% not with Peter right now.
-This was always between Madison and Hannah Ann. That’s all I was trying to figure out all season long. I even said, this was never really about the “who”, it was gonna be more so about “how” it all came together. And why Peter was saying this season wouldn’t be spoiled.

However, people got swayed all season long by Tik Tok videos, and Venmo accounts, and golf bags, and pregnancies, and what you saw in the trailers, etc. He’s not with Hannah Brown. He’s not with producer Julie Laplaca. This was never about them or anyone outside of his final 2 women. But so many stories were being told to me and to the public, I just didn’t know which one was legit. Because stories were being told to me that supported Madison that sounded legit, but also ones with Hannah Ann that did. Definitely more were pointing towards Madison, but there were a few out there that said he was with Hannah Ann, and some made sense. But clearly only one could be right. However, in the end, late Tuesday night, is when I got the confirmation I needed.

This was the confirmation I was waiting for all season. In Tuesday’s column, I actually said I didn’t expect to get any confirmation of things since why would I? I hadn’t gotten it for 3 months. So maybe by saying that I spoke it into existence. I don’t know, but I certainly was glad to finally get it. So even what I said on Tuesday ended up changing because I told you then, “Hey, I’m not gonna probably have the confirmation I need, so I’ll lay out for you how I think things go down based on a consensus and some decent sources, but stuff is gonna be left out that I still don’t know.” You know I’d been saying to you almost for the last 3 months, “Hey, the overwhelming thing I keep hearing is “he’s with Madison now, they’re dating, but not engaged.” 90% of the stuff I was being told was along those lines. But never had any proof of it. But when that many people are telling me, I figured that’s probably what it was. And not to mention, what we were seeing on TV kinda bared that out. It wasn’t far fetched to think it.

My biggest thing was what the hell happened on final rose ceremony day. Seemingly if he wanted Hannah Ann, once I got it confirmed Madison left the show, if he wanted to be with Hannah Ann, it seems like Madison just made his job on final rose ceremony day a hell of a lot easier. Now, he doesn’t have to dump someone at the altar. If he wants Hannah Ann, there she is, Madi’s gone, so lets pick Hannah Ann and be done with the season. But that’s not what happened.

So here’s what I have regarding the final rose ceremony…

-As we know, Madison doesn’t show up to the final rose ceremony.

-Peter then calls off the final rose ceremony until he can talk to Madison. But she’s already left to go back to USA, so they have to all leave and go to USA for him to talk to her.

-Basically he’s saying, “To know I’m making the right decision and have a clear conscience, I need both of you to be here.” He’s not like “bye Hannah, I pick Madi.” He doesn’t even make a pick either way and says he won’t until he at least has a chance to talk to Madison and have them both be there. He doesn’t want Hannah Ann to feel like he picked her bc Madison left and she was the only one left standing. He needs to figure this out, and he can’t do that without speaking to Madison.

-Once they were back in the states, Peter really had to win over, not only Madison, but her family as well. Madison’s parents were not overly supportive of this, and Madison did NOT take him back right away either. There was definitely some down time where nothing was happening between them.

-Peter had to finagle his way back in and prove he was being authentic after what went down in Australia. Lets just say there was a lot soul searching, some real tough conversations, and he really had to win over the family. Peter and Madison were able to talk about stuff but realized how hurt she was by what she did and it was very intense.

-In the end, Peter and Madison are together right now, but not engaged. We will see footage of how it all came to be after filming in Australia ended, because that’s when his “courtship” of Madison had to happen. From everything I was told, this happened in Alabama.

-A couple weeks back, when I had first heard mention of this and where they’re at now, I hinted in an answer somewhere, “I can see where their love story is this season.” And that was basically it. Not to downplay Arie and Lauren’s relationship after he broke it off with Becca, but we all saw the footage of when Arie went to see Lauren. It seemed like she immediately accepted him back in the first 10 minutes and forgotten what he’d done. I’m hearing it did not go down that way with Madison. It took a while and Peter really had to work hard to get her to trust him, and get her to believe he was sincere in all this. He ultimately did it, and that’s where they’re at now.

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