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The Bachelor 25 – Matt

  • Bachelorette Katie Spoilers

    The “Bachelor” Matt – Finale & ATFR Thoughts, Emmanuel Acho as Host, & (EXCLUSIVE) Some of Katie’s Men This Season

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Ok, ok, ok. I know what you all came here for today. It’s so obvious. Every year at this time you all want my latest and greatest scoop. You all want that info you can’t possibly get anywhere else. The informative, behind-the-scenes, accurate info that frankly, no one else has and you don’t even have to pay for. Been doing this a while now, and every time right after the “Bachelor” finale airs, you’re all coming begging for it. Like a dog waiting for it’s food. You know I’ve got it, you know I’m dangling it in front of you, and you’re just waiting in anticipation for me to give it to you so you can tell your friends and co-workers. It’ll make you the envy of your office or friend circle. People will be in awe of your vast knowledge when you share it with them. Well, here it is. I’m talking about how you all want my Guaranteed Lock of the Century Round 1 NCAA Tournament … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 25 - Matt

    The “Bachelor” Matt – Overnight Date Recap, ATFR Taping, and What’s the Latest “Bachelorette” Update?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    We are one week away from this train wreck of a season. For the past 10 weeks, it’s just been steamrolling down the tracks, wobbling side-to-side, sometimes firing up sparks on the track due to all the cringe worthy moments, etc. But now finally next week, we are one week away from this thing coming to a full stop. Although, there’s no way this pulls up to the station nicely, everybody gets off, then others jump on, and we head off on a new journey. This one is seriously just a disaster waiting to happen. Think of any of your favorite action shows or action movies that had a bad ass train scene in it with explosions, shootings, hijackings, etc. That’s this season. Or hey, maybe like in “Speed” when Dennis Hopper got decapitated on top of the train barreling down the tracks because Keanu pushed his head up. All that to say I’m glad this thing is over, it’s still going to get worse before it gets … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 25 - Matt

    The “Bachelor” Matt – WTA Thoughts, The New ATFR Host and What It Means, & Taylor Nolan’s Past Tweets


    I think it’s fair to say that every single week for the last, oh I don’t know month or so, that something happening off screen has completely overtaken what’s happening on screen with the “Bachelor.” I mean, with the internet frenzy over the weekend in regards to a new ATFR host announcement and the Taylor Nolan tweets that surfaced on Sunday, sitting down to watch the women on the WTA last night was, ummmm, an afterthought. Not a whole lot to cover there, although I do have some thoughts on what we saw last night. But so much more to get to before that as I know a lot of you are certainly in awe of what you saw surface this past weekend. As am I. We’ll get to that momentarily. Remember last week I said it was really weird that the show had promoted the WTA then said “in 2 weeks” essentially before showing clips for the rest of the season? Well, now it’s been confirmed that … Continue reading

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