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The Bachelor 25 – Matt

  • The Bachelor 25 - Matt

    The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 5 Recap, Dylan Goes Ham on the Franchise (Then Deletes), Victoria’s Hypocrisy & (EXCLUSIVE) Is Matt Engaged?

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    So I decided to do something this weekend that I hadn’t done before. I jumped on the latest IG trend, and did a “True or False” questionnaire that, well, went way longer than I thought. A few observations I had from it. Either people weren’t aware that Kat and I broke up, or maybe they just wanted to hear more details, but I’d say 1/3 of the True/False questions sent in had to do with Kat. Easily. Secondly, I should’ve saved Saturday’s Q&A in my Highlights section, but I forgot. But everything I answered on Sunday is saved in my Highlights on IG. So if you missed it and want to catch up, there you go. Unfortunately, Saturday’s Q & A was mostly Bachelor related questions, and those were the ones I forgot to add to my Highlights. But hey, if you wanna know if I do sock, sock, shoe, shoe or sock, shoe, sock, shoe, you can find those answers in there from Sunday. It kinda gets … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Matt Spoilers

    The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 4 Thoughts, Matt’s Off Screen Behavior, the Irony Behind Anna’s Accusations, & More Spoilers Including (EXCLUSIVE) Where the “Bachelorette” is Filming

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    There is A LOT to get to this week. So much so that my recap isn’t going to break down every portion of last night’s episode. I will give my overall impressions of all the craziness we saw last night, but mostly focusing in on Victoria, Anna, and Katie, since they were the three most talked about last night. And Michelle too because she had the only 1-on-1 date. Victoria and Anna for not so good reasons, and Katie and Michelle for positive reasons. Last night had so much in it, they just blatantly rushed through things we usually never see rushed through. Like, ever. Do you realize last night we had THREE group dates, with all three after parties shown, a 1-on-1 date, the entrance of 5 new women, a rose ceremony cocktail party, AND a rose ceremony? Without having a detailed description of every episode in 41 seasons memorized in my head, I still feel pretty confident in saying we never had any episode that had … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 25 - Matt

    The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 3 Recap, A Spotify Slip-Up?, Latest on Spoilers & More on Sarah

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    Been a couple months, but gonna let you be part of this week’s podcast again. All you have to do is go to the comments section of today’s post (either on desktop or mobile), create an account on Yappa, and record an audio message. Could be a question/comment about the show, one directed towards me, or whatever you feel like. Looking to get about 15-20 of them, since that seemed to work well last time. It’s a lot of work to put it all together, which I will do today and into tomorrow, so only leave your audio on today’s post. Otherwise, I won’t see it. Also, ONLY do audio and not video. I haven’t figured out how to just take the audio if someone leaves a video message. It’s really simple, worked well last time, so I figured I’d do it again. And hey, asking “could you really eat a whole basket of breadsticks from Olive Garden” is perfectly fair game. I know a lot of you … Continue reading

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