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  • Bachelor Matt Spoilers

    The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 4 Thoughts, Matt’s Off Screen Behavior, the Irony Behind Anna’s Accusations, & More Spoilers Including (EXCLUSIVE) Where the “Bachelorette” is Filming

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    There is A LOT to get to this week. So much so that my recap isn’t going to break down every portion of last night’s episode. I will give my overall impressions of all the craziness we saw last night, but mostly focusing in on Victoria, Anna, and Katie, since they were the three most talked about last night. And Michelle too because she had the only 1-on-1 date. Victoria and Anna for not so good reasons, and Katie and Michelle for positive reasons. Last night had so much in it, they just blatantly rushed through things we usually never see rushed through. Like, ever. Do you realize last night we had THREE group dates, with all three after parties shown, a 1-on-1 date, the … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Matt Spoilers

    Podcast #218 (And Column) – Your Finale Spoiler & Audio Emails Answered


    It’s been a couple months, but I figured I’d bring back “Audio Emails” and, I must pat myself on the back for this – I learned from my mistakes. This is more on the technical side, but the first time around, it took me almost six hours to put together the podcast, from downloading all the audio questions, to recording my answers, to then combining them, then putting them all together, etc. Since it was my first time doing it, I was figuring things out on the fly. Last night? Took me maybe 2 hours. I’ve got a new system, so now I won’t be as hesitant in the future to do it. Plan is to do this type of podcast maybe every 2-3 months. … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Matt Spoilers

    Spoilers for Matt’s Season

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    Well, what an offseason that was, wasn’t it? Whew. Feels like it’s been months since I talked to you. You know, back when Bachelor in Paradise ended in September, it’s been a good 4 months since…oh wait. That didn’t happen. We had a jacked up 2020 to say the least with Bachelor programming, but all should be right in the world now as everything is back on track. The “Bachelor” filmed in its normal time (albeit a couple weeks less since there was no travel having filmed from Oct. 10th to around Nov. 21st or so). They’ve already said that next “Bachelorette” season will film, per usual, in March right after Matt’s season ends and it will be in a bubble again. Remember I told … Continue reading

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