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Here are ABC’s bios that were released on Dec. 7th. Only two I didn’t have were Michelle and Susannah. Originally had Leila Pari but looks like she was cut at the last minute.

ADDED 9/22

1. Lacey Mark: 25, New York, NY. Currently the Associate Manager of Community and Content at Bliss Cosmetics. Graduated Syracuse University in 2013 with a degree in Political Science and Government/Middle Eastern Studies.

Facebook – Lacey Mark (was activated as of 9/20, now currently deactivated)
Twitter – @lacey_mark (currently deactivated)
Instagram – laceymm (was set to private as of 9/20, now currently deactivated)
LinkedIn – Lacey Mark


2. Kristina Schulman: 24, Lexington, KY. Graduated from the University of Kentucky. Currently working as a dental hygienist. Was adopted from Russia as a young child. Not sure what age, but trying to find out more on that.

Facebook – Kristina Schulman (active as of 9/20, currently deactivated)
Twitter – @KristinaSchulma (active as of 9/20, currently deactivated)
Instagram – kristinaschulman (set to private)


3. Elizabeth Whitelaw: 24 (will be 25 when the show airs), originally from Chicago, but currently lives in Dallas, TX. Graduated from the University of Illinois in 2014 with a B.A. in Psychology. Currently a marketing associate manager for Robin Technologies.

Facebook – Elizabeth Whitelaw (Active as of 9/20, currently deactivated)
Twitter – @EBWhitelaw22
Instagram – elizabethwhitelaw (Active as of 9/20, currently deactivated)
LinkedIn – Elizabeth Whitelaw


UPDATE (12/7): Leila Pari was part of this initial group I released, but she got cut at the last minute. Never made it on the show.

ADDED 9/27

4. Whitney Fransway: 25, Los Angeles, CA. Works as a model and also teaches yoga/pilates. Originally from Minnesota, Graduated Minnesota St. University, Mankato in 2014 with a B.A. in Communications. Judging by her Instagram, she seems to be friends with former Juan Pablo and BIP contestant, Lucy Aragon.

Facebook – Whitney Fransway
Twitter – @WhitneyFransway
Instagram – whitneyfransway
LinkedIn – Whitney Fransway


5. Lauren Hussey: 30, Naples, FL. Currently works at a shelter for abused women and children. Graduated from the University of South Florida in 2008 with a B.A. in Criminology and Psychology. Graduated Ave Maria School of Law in 2013.

Instagram – lauren.renee.hussey
LinkedIn – Lauren Hussey

She’s the girl in this picture meeting Nick on Saturday night that Mike Fleiss tweeted out. Thanks Mike!


And here’s a pic I’m sure all the crazies will have a field day with…


ADDED 10/11

6. Elizabeth Sandoz: 29, Las Vegas, NV. Kind of a world traveler as you can read in her blog. Originally from Nebraska (hence how she knows Jade), but now lives in Vegas.

Facebook – Elizabeth Sandoz
Twitter – @SandozElizabeth (has used it once)
Twitter – @ARomancedLife
Instagram – aromancedlife


She was Jade’s maid of honor at her wedding earlier this year that was televised. Well as we remember, Nick was at that wedding as well. Nick and Elizabeth had sex the night of the wedding. Then basically never spoke again. That is until Elizabeth showed up as a contestant on night one. Wait, I thought Nick was the kind, sensitive one that only saved sex for that “special” person? Bahahahahahahahahahaha. Please. Might be the most laughable thing this guy has ever said on TV. I’m not really sure what Elizabeth’s motivation was in all this other than the obvious for every contestant. But after a one night stand, do you really want to go on a nationally televised show to see the guy again for the first time since the hook up? Just seems a little odd to me, but whatever. Anyway, Elizabeth does bring up the fact she’d “met” Nick before the show to one of the other girls, who then goes and mentions it to Nick. Nick and Elizabeth end up talking during the second group date in episode 2, and Nick ends up sending her home during the group date. Gee, that certainly worked out well for her. If it wasn’t embarrassing enough he ghosted her after sex, then to essentially get dumped again, this time on TV, probably made things worse. Oh well. Her decision to go on the show. I’m sure with a lot of producer prodding, but still, the decision is ultimately hers and I can’t for the life of me figure out why she thought that’d be a good idea.


7. Taylor Nolan: 23, Seattle, WA. Graduated Johns Hopkins University with an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling. Currently opening up her own practice in the Seattle area. Comes from mixed parents. Mom is white (Crystal Byal), dad is black. No real contact with dad. Step dad raised her.

Facebook – Taylor Nolan
Instagram – taymocha
LinkedIn – Taylor Nolan

Photo by Justin Hebert

She’s on the far right in this pic on the “Backstreet Boys” date…


8. Jasmine Goode: 30, San Francisco, CA. Former NY Jets and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Currently a dancer for the Golden St. Warriors.

Facebook – Jasmine Goode
Twitter – @jas_goode24
Instagram – jasminegoode_


9. Raven Gates: 25, Jonesboro, Arkansas. Currently owns a boutique clothing store (, also with an IG page of shopgreysuede. Was on the 1-on-1 roller skating date on Sat. Oct. 8th in Waukesha.

Facebook – Raven Gates
Twitter – @ravennicolegates (currently de-activated)
Instagram – ravennicolegates (currently de-activated)


She’s third from the left (or second from the right), sitting next to Jasmine on the couch in this pic…


ADDED 10/12

10. Olivia Burnette: 26, originally from Alaska, but currently lives in Nashville, TN. Sales rep at VF Imagewear. Graduated University of Memphis. Her dad Clif is President of Alaska Textiles and her mom is Celeste.

Facebook – Olivia Burnette (currently de-activated)
Instagram – olivia__burnette
LinkedIn – Olivia Burnette


11. Danielle Maltby: 31, originally from Colgate, WI, but now lives in Nashville, TN. Former nurse, went to Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI and is now working as a model. Has a tragic back story as her fiance died 5 years ago of a drug overdose. Can almost guarantee that’ll get brought up this season. If it already hasn’t since she had the first 1-on-1 of the season in Newport Beach. There are tons of modeling pictures of her on Google, on AMAX models, and on her Facebook modeling page

Facebook – Danielle Maltby
Instagram – dmmaltby


12. Danielle Lo (Lombard): 27, Danville, CA. She got the serenade from the Backstreet Boys, then got the Chris Lane 1-on-1 in Wisconsin. There’s PLENTY of her to see on the internet. Safe to say she’s the girl this season who is on strictly to promote her career. She sells ice cream, she’s a HIN girl, she’s also a CHIVE girl, she models bikini’s, lingerie, and gets hired for club promotions. Good on you, Danielle. This show will definitely increase your visibility.

Facebook – Danielle Lo (currently de-activated)
Twitter – @Danielle_Lo
Instagram – danielle.lo

She was Miss HIN 2016, that’s Hot Import Nights. She’s very proud of that:

Here you can see her writhing around half naked for some photo shoot:

Was also on an online show called “Roll Models,” which covered the lives of import models and go go dancers in Orange County. Oh boy…If you have the stomach to sit through that hot mess, you are a better person than I.


13. Jasmine Brown: 25, Los Angeles, CA. International flight attendant. Has a YouTube channel that doesn’t have much on it.

Instagram – jasmine_channel


ADDED 10/13

14. Rachel Lindsay: 31, Dallas, TX. Graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Sports Management from UT Austin in 2007. Got her law degree from Marquette University Law School in 2011 and is currently a lawyer at Cooper and Scully in Dallas, TX.

Facebook – Rachel Lindsay
LinkedIn – Rachel Lindsay

#bachelor #neworleans #chartresstreet #wednesday #arthurseveriodotcom #arthurseveriophotography

A video posted by Arthur Severio (@arthurseveriodotcom) on


I’m not saying Nick gave Rachel the first impression because she’s black at all. I’m just saying I think it played a role based on everything I heard coming into this season. This has nothing to do with Rachel. Very attractive woman. All she did was agree to come on the show. I’m sure Nick is into Rachel. Without a doubt. I’m also sure that Nick is very interested in “producing” good TV this season as well. Remember, Nick is about Nick. Will be interesting to see how far Rachel gets.

I tweeted out that there’s a girl this season with kind of a big name in the franchise. Does the name Brittany Farrar ring a bell to you? It should. She was Jordan Rodgers’ ex who went scorched earth on him last season for his lying about their relationship. Well, Brittany Farrar is on this season – just not THAT Brittany Farrar. But damn that would’ve been funny. Here’s the Brittany Farrar on this season, spelled the exact same way. Talk about a coincidence:

15. Brittany Farrar: 27, originally from St. Louis, MO but I believe is currently living in LA. Graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. She’s a traveling registered nurse.

Twitter – @bfarrar913 (set to private)
Twitter – @BritFarrar13 (set to private as well)
Instagram – brittany_paige913
LinkedIn – Brittany Farrar


16. Christen Whitney: 25, Tulsa, OK. Graduated Ball St. University in 2013. Currently works as a dance instructor and videographer.

Twitter – @christenmae
Instagram – christen_mae
LinkedIn – Christen Whitney


She was the 2nd girl from the right on the Backstreet Boys group date…


ADDED 11/10

17. Corinne Olympios 24, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Wannabe model. Has a Model Mayhem page, which basically screams “I’m not a real model.” Her Facebook has more racy pictures if you need em’.

Facebook – Corinne Olympios
Twitter – @CorinneOlympios (hasn’t used it in 4 years)
Instagram – colympios
LinkedIn – Corinne Olympios


She is the only blonde that was on the Backstreet Boys group date. This picture courtesy of E! Online:

Katherine and Mariel Tyler

18. Vanessa Grimaldi 29, Montreal, Canada. She’s Italian and a Special Education teacher in Montreal, and has also done some small acting based on a small IMDB page. Appeared on YouTube GameLoft podcasts 5 years ago, which are below. Not a whole hell of a lot out there on the internet about her, but now you finally have your answer to, “Who was that Vanessa girl with Nick on a 1-on-1 earlier in the season?” Well there you go.

Twitter – @VanessaGrimaldi



ADDED 12/5

19. Dominique Alexis
20. Briana Guertler
21. Ida DeLosSantos
22. Hailey Merkt
23. Josephine Tutman
24. Astrid Loch
25. Sarah Vendal
26. Alexis Waters
27. Jaimi King
28. Angela Amezcua

ADDED 12/7

The two I didn’t have once the bios were released today:

29. Michelle Ramkissoon
30. Susannah Milan

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