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1. Alex Bordyukov: 28, Grosse Point, MI. Originally from Russia. Moved here in his teen years. So if you want, you can already begin shipping him and Kristina since it’s so easy to do. Accountant at a car leasing company. Graduated Wayne State University with a degree in Accounting and was a swimmer in college as you can see by one of the pics below.

Facebook – Alex Bordyukov
Instagram – tinobordy (shared account with his buddy, Valentino “Tino” smith – valentinojsmith on IG)



2. Blake Killpack: 30, San Francisco, CA. Talent Acquisitions Operations at Workday. Former US Marine from 2005-2013. Attended Utah Valley University and majored in Business management.

Facebook – Blake Killpack
Twitter – @BlakeKillpack
Instagram – blakekillpack
LinkedIn – Blake Killpack – Blake Killpack


3. Peter Kraus: 30, Madison, Wisconsin. Personal Trainer at Worth Personal Training. Graduated Madison Area Technical College in 2010 with an Associates of Science in Dietetics/Dietician. Volunteers for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Has lived in LA and Chicago in the past for modeling.

J.Toor 2015 Campaign from IAMHERE on Vimeo.

Facebook – Peter Kraus
Instagram – peterkrauswi
LinkedIn – Peter Kraus
Work Facebook Page: Worth Personal Training


4. Jonathan Treece: New Smyrna Beach, FL. Family Medicine doctor at the Volusia Medical Center in New Smyrna Beach. Got his Bachelor’s degree at Arkansas St. University. Got his MD at the University of Arkansas in 2011. I guess there will be those that can start pretending he should date Raven since their both from Arkansas, just like Kristina and Alex are both from Russia. Just stop, people.

Instagram – newsmyrnabeast
LinkedIn – Jonathan Treece


5. DeMario Jackson: 30, Los Angeles, CA. Recruiting consultant for Michael Page. Attended Fresno St. University, but graduated the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) with a BA in Product Development in 2009. Interesting note is he frequents (or lives) at 1010 Wilshire, which is where they’ve had a few cocktail parties for dates on previous seasons. I wanna say one of JoJo’s was there. And so was Chris Soules. My guess is that’s how the show “met” him initially.

Facebook – DeMario Jackson
LinkedIn – DeMario Jackson


6. Blake Elarbee: 31, Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Jacksonville, FL. Private personal trainer for, you guessed it, Blake Elarbee Fitness. Who’d have thunk it? Plays the drums and is an “international fitness model.” YouTube Channel of him playing the drums. Got a Bachelor of Science degree at Florida St. University in Dietetics. Another YouTube video of how he got into personal training:

Now we’re also already getting angry ex-girlfriend stuff on Blake if you saw my Twitter feed last night. I need to take a breath. The season hasn’t even started yet. If Blake becomes a major factor this season, then I’ll look into this. I just don’t have the stomach to right now because he might be irrelevant to the season. But here was the tweet anyway. Good thing I took a screenshot of it last night since someone reported it, and Twitter already had it removed.


Aaaaaaannnnnd right on cue, wouldn’t you know that Blake also appeared on WE Tv’s Ex Isle last season, because of course he did. Blake better hope he doesn’t last long this season.

Facebook – Blake Elarbee
Twitter – @BlakeLosAngeles
Instagram – blakelosangeles
LinkedIn – Blake Elarbee


7. Dean Unglert: 26, Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Aspen, CO. Works as a recruiter for StartupTAP, that helps tech companies do their hiring. So basically, a stereotypical job for a contestant on this show right behind personal trainer. Graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration and Management from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs. Might’ve done a little drinking there as he was busted in 2010 for underage possession of alcohol. Can’t wait til Radar runs their annual “Rachel’s Guys Criminal Pasts!” column and includes stories like these.

Facebook – Dean Unglert
Twitter – @dunglert10
Instagram – deanie_babies
LinkedIn – Dean Unglert


8. Eric Bigger: 29, Los Angeles, CA. Motivational speaker & also a fitness enthusiast originally from Baltimore, MD. Graduated Hampton University Magna Cum Laude in 2010. Has written a book called the “100 Days of Wisdom.” Also used to model as he has an old Model Mayhem page.


Facebook – Eric Bigger
Twitter – @ebigger22
Instagram – ebiggsway
YouTube Channel – Eric Bigger


ADDED 3/23

9. Dr. Bryan Abasolo: 37, Miami, FL. Chiropractor for the Accident and Injury Team. Graduated from the University of Florida in 2003.

Here’s a video from 2 years ago of him, although hearing him tell Willie in the Ellen video that he got his “sloppy seconds,” and knowing that Robert Mills already said there’s a doctor this season who might be a villain, my guess is it’s this guy. Jonathan the doctor seems too dorky to be the villain judging from that video. Especially since he admitted he hasn’t kissed her yet.

Facebook – Dr. Bryan Abasolo
Instagram – dr.abs_
LinkedIn – Dr. Bryan Abasolo


10. Fred Johnson: Originally from Dallas, but currently lives in LA working at Chernin Entertainment. Earned two degrees in college. Graduated from Florida A&M University with a Masters in Business and also got a Masters in Fine Arts from Florida State University. Seems pretty accomplished now working in the TV & Film industry in LA as seen by this video:

Fred Johnson | Internship Experience | Cannes ‘15 from THE CREATIVE MIND GROUP on Vimeo.

Facebook – Fred Johnson
Twitter – @realfredjohnson
Instagram – realfredjohnson


11. Will Gaskins: 27, originally from White Plains, NY but currently living and working as a Sales Manager in Miami, FL. at Herman Miller. Graduated Ithaca College in 2010 with BA in Politics. Also was a basketball player there.

Facebook – Will Gaskins
Instagram – thereal_billyg
LinkedIn – Will Gaskins


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