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    Podcast #380 – Interview with Courtney Robertson


    Back at it with Courtney Robertson, who I wanted to bring on this week for a particular reason, which is that with Joey and Kelsey essentially spoiling their own season by posting a TikTok from their Happy Couple weekend, I wanted to get Courtney’s take on it because she had many of those during her season. How’d they handle it? How has it changed from when she had hers? And did Courtney spoil her season on IG? (Short answer: Yes. But you have to listen to hear more why no one picked up on it). We also talk about her kids, a baby on the way, the Fan Appreciation Party she’ll be attending this year, talk about the next “Bachelorette” season, and much, much more. … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Update on the Women Tell All, & @BachelorData Has More Significant IG Numbers

    Photo Credit: ABC

    One of the things I was looking at from yesterday’s fallout was once the new spoilers was dropped, how did it affect Daisy and Kelsey’s IG followings. So yesterday morning when the new spoiler went up on my website, podcast, and IG feed at 7:30am, Daisy had 415,000 followers. As of this morning, she’s at 430,972 a little over 24 hrs later. Kelsey yesterday morning at that time had 55.4k followers and as of this morning, she’s at 77,237. So Daisy’s gained 15k followers and Kelsey has gained 22k since the announcement. Solid gains for each, but for those who think Daisy has so many more followers than Kelsey because I gave the spoiler, I just don’t see it that way. Yes, it’s only been … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Joey Spoilers

    (MAJOR SPOILER): What the Hell Happens at the End of Joey’s Season and What’s This Unprecedented Thing They Keep Pushing?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Today’s column is gonna be a little different. Nothing to recap about last night’s episode because, well, it’s not all that important. What is important is this. I finally saw it. Yup, you guessed it. I’m all caught up on this season of Love is Blind. I’d only seen one episode of one season before this, and I can’t remember what season that was. But I have a lot of thoughts about this show and this season. But that was on yesterday’s podcast. Today’s Daily Roundup and today’s column are essentially the same. I’m gonna try and make them as similar as possible. I wrote the column before I recorded the podcast, so that makes it easier to kinda follow along with what I wrote … Continue reading

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