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    Podcast #313 – Interview with Katrina Badowski from the “Bachelor”


    Another fun week of podcasts, and today’s podcast guest Katrina Badowski from Peter’s season, has a much more interesting story off-show than she did on show. She got eliminated the first night on Peter’s season but there’s so much more to her that I wanted to share. Have followed Katrina on social media since her season and have always been interested in the stuff she’s posted. Whether it was speaking out against the franchise, or her dancing videos, or her work with the Special Olympics, there’s so much more to her than her hairless…pussy…cat, which was her limo entrance on Peter’s season talking about her cat Jasmine. We get into that and much, much more in today’s podcast. I want to thank Katrina again for coming on and I hope you all enjoy it.

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  • Bachelor in Paradise 8

    “Reader Emails,” An Update on the Aaron Story (With Receipts), & the Daily Roundup

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well today is certainly going to be interesting. I shared the story last Thursday on both the podcast and the column about a woman that Aaron is involved with now that he seemingly was seeing right before Paradise as well. Since that story posted, another woman reached out to me who not only told me about her involvement with Aaron pre-BIP filming, but also got in touch with the woman I spoke with last week, they essentially compared notes and realized that Aaron was playing both of them. Yet the girl from last week is still with him. As you know, I don’t reveal stuff like this unless someone provides receipts. The woman I spoke on the phone with yesterday did. Her identity is being kept private because she wants to (as was the woman last week who had posted on her IG being with Aaron), however, to tell the story that she relayed to me yesterday, I had to give them both names for the sake of the story that aren’t their real names. … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Zach Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE) Your Spoilers for Zach’s Season Thru Final 3

    Photo Credit: ABC

    So as promised, here are all your spoilers I have up through the final 3 on Zach’s season. As you’ll see, there’s some things missing in there in regards to certain 1-on-1’s and a little confusion of who went home when in London & Estonia, but I’m pretty sure all the dates are right and some of the things that happened this season. There are some other things I’ve been told happened that I want to get a little more confirmation on, and when I do, you’ll have it. The teasers I gave in the Oct. 20th column were all answered in this today, along with in the Daily Roundup. There is definitely more coming. Zach’s season doesn’t start for another 2 months (Jan. 23rd), so in addition to finding out how the final 3 breaks down once it’s filmed, I’m sure I’ll be hearing more things that happened this season. There’s a couple things I’ve heard that I’m kinda shaking my head at that I need more details on before reporting it.

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