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    Podcast #379 – Interview with Suzana Somers, @BachelorData on IG


    This week we breakdown the resurgence this season of the “Bachelor,” especially in social media circles. And who better to analyze all that than Suzana Somers, @BachelorData on Instagram. The charts she’s put up this season are things we haven’t seen since the pre-pandemic era. Daisy and Maria have completely taken over in the social media world for this season. And not only do they have huge numbers for only being 6 episodes in, they are SO far ahead of everyone else, it’s pretty astonishing. So what does Suzana think the reason is? We go over all of that and more in today’s episode. Before all that, I discuss the latest round of guesses for Joey’s season finale, major news in the Clayton Echard/Laura Owens … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 28 - Joey

    The “Bachelor” Joey – Episode 6 Thoughts, What I Heard Yesterday, & Does Screen Time Equal Winning?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Quite a bit of Bachelor news to get to today before we begin diving into last nights episode. Some of this news is informative. Some of this news is incomplete. And some of this news will probably have you frustrated. Don’t worry. It also has me frustrated as well. I hate when I get information but it’s only half the story. Or one part of the story. Because then it turns into, if I share what I know, all these theories will start running rampant and pinned back to me, when that wasn’t the point of me sharing. I like to have as many details about a situation that I’ve heard about before I share with you, you know this. But when it’s something we’ve … Continue reading

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    Podcast #378 – Interview with Dr. Catherine Sanderson, Professor of Psychology at Amherst College


    We’re going full psychoanalysis today as Dr. Catherine Sanderson, professor of Psychology at Amherst College, joins me to discuss two major topics: Joey’s season and the Clayton Echard/Laura Owens case. It’s a really good breakdown from a professional in regards to how Joey’s season has been going, her thoughts on the Sydney/Maria feud, the idea of the heavy handed stories the women are telling Joey, and much, much more. Then the last half of the interview is Dr. Catherine sharing her thoughts on the Clayton/Laura case, as she’s been following along since the very beginning watching Dave Neal’s video and listening to my podcasts. Dr. Catherine has actually been on Laura’s podcast twice in the past as well, so we discuss that. Thanks again to … Continue reading

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