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    Podcast #226 – Interview with “Game of Roses” Podcast Hosts, Chad Kultgen and Lizzy Pace


    Always a fun conversation to be joined by Chad and Lizzy from the “Game of Roses” podcast, two people who have originally invented a new way to watch this franchise. We had them on at the beginning of the season for a preview, told them I’d bring them back at the end of the season, and here we are. Boy there was a lot to unwrap in this one. We try to hit on all the main storylines this season, without diving into stuff we covered ad nauseum while it was happening. Chad and Lizzy always have such an interesting perspective on the show and once again they deliver on this podcast. We talk about what this show needs to do moving forward, what’s in store for Dark Lord Harrison (we disagree on this one), the ATFR and Emmanuel as host, and much, much more. A little over an hour conversation that I know you’ll enjoy. If you’d like to respond to the interview, give them a follow on their Instagram (their handles are linked … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” Conversation Cut from ATFR, & Ratings

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well here we are at roughly 9:00am Wednesday morning, and the “Bachelorette” Facebook page hasn’t put up the guys for Katie’s season yet. Maybe it happens later today, maybe it happens overnight. But if they keep with recent tradition, we should be getting the list of possibly guys for Katie within the next 24 hours. I’ve given you nine (they’re all on my IG Highlights), and I’ve got at least 3 more coming later today as of now. Those will be posted on my Twitter, IG Stories, and saved on my IG Highlights. So that’s a little over a 1/3rd of the cast since I assume we’ll be given around 33-35 guys and 3-5 won’t end up making the cast. That’s how it’s worked since they started releasing these casts early. Can’t remember what season it started, but I wanna say they’ve done it 5 seasons in a row? Maybe 6? Either way, I will keep you updated once it’s up and will start filling in the guys last names with pics, social media accounts, … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Katie Spoilers

    The “Bachelor” Matt – Finale & ATFR Thoughts, Emmanuel Acho as Host, & (EXCLUSIVE) Some of Katie’s Men This Season

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Ok, ok, ok. I know what you all came here for today. It’s so obvious. Every year at this time you all want my latest and greatest scoop. You all want that info you can’t possibly get anywhere else. The informative, behind-the-scenes, accurate info that frankly, no one else has and you don’t even have to pay for. Been doing this a while now, and every time right after the “Bachelor” finale airs, you’re all coming begging for it. Like a dog waiting for it’s food. You know I’ve got it, you know I’m dangling it in front of you, and you’re just waiting in anticipation for me to give it to you so you can tell your friends and co-workers. It’ll make you the envy of your office or friend circle. People will be in awe of your vast knowledge when you share it with them. Well, here it is. I’m talking about how you all want my Guaranteed Lock of the Century Round 1 NCAA Tournament pick. I’ve done this for the last … Continue reading


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