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    The “Bachelorette” Gabby & Rachel – Episode 3 Recap, News on Logan, the Confusing Rose Ceremony, & Today’s Daily Roundup

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Tell me something. In this history of this show, have they EVER had any sort of cliffhanger that played during the credits of the show? Usually it’s a blooper, or part of a date we never saw, etc. But I can’t remember at any point where something shown in the credits was vital to the show and the storyline. Well, it happened last night. And I didn’t even know until about 2 hours later when I saw @BachelorData on IG talk about that crazy rose ceremony and the breakdown for it. I had no idea that in the credits scene last night, James admitted to making a mistake and said he should’ve taken Rachel’s rose. So she ended up giving it to him. All I say was in the previews for next week, James is the one who tells Rachel that Hayden was talking shit basically, so I just assumed they let James come to Paris to confront Rachel with what he heard, but that’s obviously not the case anymore. James is still part of … Continue reading

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    Podcast #296 – Interview with Lynne Spillman, Former Casting Director of “Survivor” & “Amazing Race”


    A really fun interview today with a first time guest of the podcast. Lynne Spillman, the former casting director of “Survivor” and “Amazing Race” joins me and we have plenty to talk about. We begin by talking “Survivor” in the first half, but the second half we get to her new venture. She’s the executive producer on a new show that dropped last Friday on Amazon Prime called “Forever Summer: Hamptons.” And of course, I’m hooked. It’s 8 episodes. All 8 have been released, so you can easily rip through this series in a weekend. I plan to be done by this weekend myself. If you liked “Laguna Beach,” if you liked “The Hills,” it’s the same idea. Except these are about kids who grew up in the Hamptons and are locals, and while some have stayed, some went off to college and are back for the summer. It was filmed last summer and it’s got pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a show like this. I’m hooked. I think you will be too … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Misinformation Again in the Nick/Blake Feud, Jordan V.’s Exit, & Your Daily Roundup

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Some good emails this week for “Reader Emails,” but the one recurring one that I got more than any surrounded Jordan V.’s exit. Mostly people just asking why didn’t he have a chance with Gabby once Rachel didn’t want him. Short answer: she didn’t want him either. Plenty of other topics today in “Reader Emails,” so check those out. But clearly a lot will be talking about what I covered mostly in today’s Daily Roundup, and that’s the Nick/Blake feud that continued yesterday. You knew Nick wouldn’t let Blake’s IG post from last week calling Nick a hypocrite go unanswered, so Nick addressed it. Could he have let it go? Sure. But god forbid he got called a hypocrite, so he spent time on his IG talking about why he thought Blake was a hypocrite, to which Blake responded to because Nick said something that was blatantly wrong. And that’s the main point I cover today in the pod.

    You can listen to today’s podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune … Continue reading

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