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  • The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

    The “Bachelor” Clayton – Finale Thoughts, & Our First Two “Bachelorettes” Season

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Whew. So ridiculous, so crazy, so unheard of, my head is still spinning. Some things I saw coming, some I definitely didn’t. To start, no “Reader Emails” today. This weeks podcast is up as I posted it yesterday afternoon. It’s a good one with Annie Jorgensen and Carolyn Moore from “Joe Millionaire.” Just gonna give my thoughts on what happened last night. A lot to unpack there. And by the time you read this, I’ll already on a plane to Vegas and it’s possible the potential men for next season of the “Bachelorette” will already be up on the Bachelorette Facebook page. If they are released today, follow my Twitter account as I will post as many as I can that I can find the last name and IG accounts of. It may take a little longer than usual since I won’t be settled in at the hotel til probably around 11am PT or so, but I’ll do my best. Any help would be appreciated if you’re out there. Just DM me on Twitter or … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #278 – Interview with Annie Jorgensen & Carolyn Moore from “Joe Millionaire”


    What seemingly will be the conclusion of the “Joe Millionaire” finale coverage on this site, we have the two women who were not chosen on that final day, Annie Jorgensen and Carolyn Moore on the podcast today. I’d say two people who got a completely different edit on the show, and we definitely dive into that asking how they felt about how they were portrayed. Annie was the front runner all season and was shocked she wasn’t chose. Was she as shocked as the rest of us? As for Carolyn, if you were to have a “villain” of this season, I guess it would be her, even though there really wasn’t a ton of behavior that reflected other villains we’ve seen in reality TV history. But Carolyn definitely doesn’t hold back in what she has to say in regards to what happened with Kurt on the show and OFF the show, once the breakup with Amanda happened. Don’t wanna miss either of these podcasts today. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 26 - Clayton

    The “Bachelor” Clayton – Finale Thoughts, Podcast, “Bachelorette” Men Being Released, & My Annual March Madness Pick


    Remember last week I was asking out loud, how the hell are they going to fill 4 hours of programming over 2 nights with what seemingly didn’t seem like a lot of footage considering what I’d spoiled goes down. Well, we got our answer last night in the form of essentially a 45 minute rose ceremony, so that took up 25% of it. And now tonight, we’ve definitely still got close to an hour of footage left in Iceland, then a 1hr ATFR. So now it seems like it’s possible it all might be rushed. We’ll get to that in a second. In case you missed it, yesterday I posted what to expect in terms of the footage you’ll see from Iceland. I mean, it was relayed indirectly to me from someone who has seen the episode, so you know it’s what happens. The only question left is what’s Clayton’s status post show. All I can tell you about that is what I’ve heard, and that’s that he’s single. After all … Continue reading

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