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    Podcast #162 – Interview with Samantha Hoffman and Dominique Price of “Temptation Island”

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    Got another good “Temptation Island” podcast for you this week with two of the singles this season, Samantha Hoffman and Dominique Price. Both were heavily involved in some of the bigger storylines this season, and yet again, we have guests that reveal stuff you didn’t see air on TV. Samantha really explains what happened in that “threesome” with David and Payton and how it came to be, plus she elaborates and goes over the whole timeline of her relationship with David post-show that he flat out denied even happened during the reunion. Dominique’s story is just as interesting because, if you watched this season, the editing made his relationship with Kate seem pretty one sided. After listening to Dominique, it doesn’t seem like it was that way at all. Dominique shares very intimate details on what happened during his overnight with Kate, how their relationship post show went, and where they’re at today. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please use both Samantha and Dominique’s Twitter handles (@samcakes90Continue reading

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    Podcast #161 – Interview with Ashley Howland and Ashley Goldson of “Temptation Island”

    Photo Credit: USA Network

    Well, you saw it all go down last night, now you get to hear from some of the people directly involved. “Temptation Island” season 2’s final bonfires and reunion show were quite the spectacle, as I warned you they were. Every outcome of the final bonfires ended up being changed by the time they filmed the reunion – Ashley G. and Rick had broken up, Ashley H. and Ben were done, Esonica and Kareem weren’t together, and Dave and Toneata lasted a hot minute. Today, you will hear from both Ashley’s, who are currently roommates now in LA. And they hold nothing back. I’m sure there will be backlash as everyone wants to get their say in, but yeah, this is all just messy. Ashley H. lets us in on how she really feels in regards to Ben, where she stands with Casey now and a whole lot more. Ashley G. definitely has some feelings on Rick and Medinah and how she approached the reunion show, only to see it’s not what she expected, and … Continue reading

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    “Temptation Island” – Nell Kalter’s Final Bonfire & Reunion Show Recap

    Photo Credit: USA Network

    It’s fitting that the last thing David bestows upon Kate is a glob of snot on her bare shoulder, but we’ll return to David’s errant bodily fluids in just a moment. See, first we need to get back to David’s pressing need to itemize for Kate all of the very many ways he humiliated and betrayed her during the last month, and he – like every garden variety sociopath who has come before him – will claim that he is telling her this information all in the name of honesty while conveniently ignoring the fact that retrospective honesty doesn’t f*cking count for anything. But because he believes he owes her the respect of telling her just how cavalierly he chose to emotionally gut her, here’s what Dave tells Kate for purposes of her own edification:

    1. Toneata, a woman Dave has known for approximately thirty days, is not holding his whorishness against him – you know, the way Kate is doing because Kate is a Mean Lady – and that is a very big deal … Continue reading


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