• Bachelor in Paradise 7

    The “Bachelorette” Katie – Episode 5 Recap, BIP Couples, & Katie Is Upset On TikTok

    Photo Credit: ABC

    You know what I love? Entertainment sites on a slow holiday weekend just posting stories that are clearly click bait. Chris Harrison rumored to be a contestant on DWTS? Julianne Hough might be the next “Bachelorette?” Where do they come up with this stuff. I know the production team behind DWTS is not the same production team that does the Bachelor franchise, but c’mon, it’s the same network. I highly doubt Chris will be cha cha cha’ing his way into our homes come the fall season. It doesn’t make sense on any level, since a lot of DWTS is based on video packages and talking about why you’re there. All anyone wants to know from Chris is what happened, and he can’t talk about that because of the settlement he took. Sorry. Not interested. As for Julianne? I mean, in 42 seasons they’ve never cast anyone famous in that role, unless you count Jesse Palmer years ago. Julianne Hough dated Ryan Seacrest for 3 years. She dated a country music singer. She was married to … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #241 – Interview with Comedian & YouTube “Bachelor/ette” Recapper Dave Neal


    A very fun and informative podcast today with a first time guest, comedian and YouTuber Dave Neal. I’m sure you’ve seen Dave’s numerous videos on his YouTube channel where he recaps the show along with a ton of other stories in Bachelor Nation. He’s been insane recently producing up to 4 videos a day. This podcast came together after about a year of being aware of his videos, he did a recap of my appearance on Whit & Ry’s YouTube Channel about 10 days ago. I saw that Dave actually took the time to watch it, listen to what I said, and rather than form an opinion in one sentence, I appreciated him seeing what I was trying to say and wasn’t immediately out to condemn me. I’ve included that video breakdown below. We get into that, plus numerous other topics within Bachelor Nation including cancel culture, Chris Harrison, Rachael Kirkconnell, the toxic Bachelor fanbase, his stand up comedy career, and much, much more. Went a lot longer than I expected and we covered a … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 7 Spoilers

    “Reader Emails” & (EXCLUSIVE) Your “Bachelor in Paradise” Spoilers

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Lets get right to your BIP spoilers. Remember, there were almost 40 people who appeared at some point this season. I do not have every result for every contestant or when all of them went home. What I’m gonna give you today though is basically a BIP dump of info. Everything that I’ve been told, I’m giving you today. Some spoilers will be direct and detailed, and some will just be the spoiler because I don’t have the backstory behind them. You’ll be able to tell which spoilers I have more info on than others. Example would be like how during Katie’s season filming, I’d spoiled that Thomas was an early season villain, which we now know was true. But I didn’t know why he was the early season villain. Same thing here. You’ll see some spoilers with some context behind them and some without. If you don’t see any context behind them it’s because I don’t know as of now. However, we have 6 weeks before it premieres, so I hope to have a … Continue reading


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