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  • The Bachelor 25 - Matt

    The “Bachelor” Matt – Overnight Date Recap, ATFR Taping, and What’s the Latest “Bachelorette” Update?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    We are one week away from this train wreck of a season. For the past 10 weeks, it’s just been steamrolling down the tracks, wobbling side-to-side, sometimes firing up sparks on the track due to all the cringe worthy moments, etc. But now finally next week, we are one week away from this thing coming to a full stop. Although, there’s no way this pulls up to the station nicely, everybody gets off, then others jump on, and we head off on a new journey. This one is seriously just a disaster waiting to happen. Think of any of your favorite action shows or action movies that had a bad ass train scene in it with explosions, shootings, hijackings, etc. That’s this season. Or hey, maybe like in “Speed” when Dennis Hopper got decapitated on top of the train barreling down the tracks because Keanu pushed his head up. All that to say I’m glad this thing is over, it’s still going to get worse before it gets better, and yet again last night, this … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #224 (And Column) – Updated Matt Finale Spoilers & Kendal Kirkland from “Temptation Island”

    Photo Credit: USA Network

    A lot to get to today as we have late breaking info in Bachelor Nation with Chris Harrison making his first public appearance since the Rachel Lindsay interview 3 weeks ago, as he was on GMA being interviewed by Michael Strahan today. I have that interview below and give my thoughts on it in today’s podcast. Hint: Not very good. Also, I give you updated spoilers on how the rest of Matt’s season plays out. No major changes at all, but just what to expect to see the remainder of the season and how the final few days play out. In addition, I discuss Katie as the next “Bachelorette.” Then we’re joined by Kendal Kirkland from “Temptation Island” for my weekly chat with one of the members from the couples. Kendal has probably been the most attacked online for his behavior thus far, and this is a chance for him to tell his side on his thought process going into the show, where he was at in his relationship with Erica, and much, much more. … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” Last Night’s IG Live, & Chris Harrison Set to Speak

    Photo Credit: ABC

    A lot of stuff coming up as we’re down the home stretch of the “Bachelor” season with overnights on Monday and then the finale and ATFR on the 15th. We know Emmanuel Acho will be hosting, but we haven’t heard a word from Chris Harrison since his February 13th post on IG saying he was stepping aside for a period of time for the show. That will all change, allegedly tomorrow, when he sits down with Michael Strahan on GMA. It hasn’t been officially named which day he’ll be on, but that’s the rumor going around it’ll happen tomorrow. I think we know pretty much what Chris will say, but, seeing and hearing him say it will be quite interesting. And as Ashley and I discussed on the live last night, I think the fact this is happening seems to be step 1 to Chris’ rehab tour and I think this is a major step into him returning to the show at some point. I don’t know when, but, if the … Continue reading


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