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    The “Bachelorette” Gabby/Rachel – Episode 8 Thoughts, Last Night’s Editing, & Your Daily Roundup


    What a great week this is. Not only coming off the first weekend of college football that had some really exciting games, but, we’re headed for Week 1 of the NFL season, kicking off Thurs night with the defending Super Bowl champion Rams hosting the Bills. I leave for Vegas Thursday morning for my annual first NFL weekend trip, and Friday and Monday’s Daily Roundup will be recorded from there. Lets pray that I followed the YouTube instructions correctly and I’ll able to record from my phone and upload it to where it needs to be uploaded and get it to you at your normal time of 8am EST. And oh yeah, throw in the fact that season 5 of Cobra Kai gets released at 12am Friday morning, this basically is the greatest week of my life. Yes, I will have to be scooting around Vegas all weekend either on my knee scooter or the electric scooter they’re providing me, but then again, it’s not like a do a whole hell of a lot there … Continue reading

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    Podcast #302 – Interview with FBoy Island’s Benedict Polizzi


    Fun times today talking FBoy Island again, this time with Louise’s final 2 guy, and stand up comedian, Benedict Polizzi. My backstory with Benedict is pretty funny and I tell him that right off the bat. I think the whole world was rooting for Louise to pick him over Mercedes, including every guy there on the island, but to no avail. I ask him what he thought of that, how disappointed was he, how into Louise he was, his stand up career, where “Johnson” came from (which is how I knew him), and much, much more. Before I get to that I cover a few things happening in Bachelor Nation including the TV schedule for the remainder of the “Bachelorette” season, who I was told WON’T be the next “Bachelor,” and the last time I address the story I was working on. Those stories are also covered in today’s Daily Roundup which is below and has been in your podcast feed for the last couple hours. As always, if you’d like to respond to the … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Dustin & Peter Quit Their Podcast, & Your Daily Roundup

    Photo Credit: ABC

    There’s no way I can write this story out because it’ll take too long, so I’ll just tell you to go listen to my Daily Roundup today if you wanna hear a funny story regarding my trip to the Olive Garden yesterday. I mean, I think it’s funny. And I think it’s just classic me considering how much I’ve been there over the last 30 years. Fun times were had I tell ya’. Even the couple sitting next to me at the bar was getting a kick out of it. I’ve never exhibited any sort of “Karen” behavior, and this definitely wasn’t that because I was kinda joking, yet, knew I was right about the situation. Which ended up being confirmed by the manager. But just the fact that this would happen to me and I would notice it right away is something that, well, doesn’t surprise. When you’ve eaten at a restaurant on and off for 30 years, you develop a pretty good palate for what everything tastes like. The second I took my … Continue reading

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