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    Podcast #219 – Interview with Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell of the “Challenge”


    Been a while since we’ve had a member from the “Challenge” franchise on, and what better way to break that streak than with “Millionaire” Mitchell. And boy, what a debut she gives. What you’ll hear on this podcast is exactly what you see on TV. And vice versa. She has no filter, she curses, and she doesn’t hold back anything. So get ready. If you’re not a fan of cursing, maybe this week’s podcast isn’t for you. Being this is her first time on, there’s A LOT to cover with her. It’s 90 minutes long, but I felt it could’ve been 900 minutes. So great having guests on like this where basically all you have to do is wind them up and let them go. Definitely didn’t have to pull any teeth to get Ashley to talk, that’s for sure. She’s about as entertaining of a character you’ll see in this franchise as you’ve seen over the years, and this podcast appearance doesn’t disappoint. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, & Your “Bachelorette” Filming Location Confirmed

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Last night was one of the longest IG lives that Ashley and I have done since we started doing this back in May. Unfortunately, another glitch with IG and it didn’t save. Not sure what happened. It ended like all other IG lives have ended. Once you click end, it asks if you want to save to IGTV, I say yes, and then it does. Last night when I clicked end, the screen basically froze and never brought me to the “Would you like to save to IG” page. I tweeted out a pic of what my screen looked like. This is only the second time since May I believe that it didn’t record, so I wouldn’t call this a major problem. Sometimes IG just acts up. I don’t think this will be an ongoing problem. If it starts to happen more often than not, then maybe we’ll look into doing it on a different platform. It’s unfortunate what happened last night, since it was loaded with a lot of good info. I’ll try and … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Matt Spoilers

    The “Bachelor” Matt – Episode 4 Thoughts, Matt’s Off Screen Behavior, the Irony Behind Anna’s Accusations, & More Spoilers Including (EXCLUSIVE) Where the “Bachelorette” is Filming

    Photo Credit: ABC

    There is A LOT to get to this week. So much so that my recap isn’t going to break down every portion of last night’s episode. I will give my overall impressions of all the craziness we saw last night, but mostly focusing in on Victoria, Anna, and Katie, since they were the three most talked about last night. And Michelle too because she had the only 1-on-1 date. Victoria and Anna for not so good reasons, and Katie and Michelle for positive reasons. Last night had so much in it, they just blatantly rushed through things we usually never see rushed through. Like, ever. Do you realize last night we had THREE group dates, with all three after parties shown, a 1-on-1 date, the entrance of 5 new women, a rose ceremony cocktail party, AND a rose ceremony? Without having a detailed description of every episode in 41 seasons memorized in my head, I still feel pretty confident in saying we never had any episode that had that many different things in it. There’s … Continue reading


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