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    Podcast #281 – Interview with Comedian and Bachelor YouTuber Dave Neal


    If you can name something that we all do anywhere between roughly 5-15 times in our lifetime that’s worse than moving, I’ll give you a sucker. Because I’m telling you, there isn’t one. It’s. The. Worst. Not to mention, I have a trip to CA today that’s gonna cut into 4 days of packing and boxing stuff up. Now, you could say, “Well if you knew you were gonna be gone for 4 days, why didn’t you get stuff done earlier?” You’re funny. I mean, I’ve actually gotten more stuff done than I thought I would by this point, but of course I’m gonna come down to the wire with a lot to do. Once this is over, things should be back to normal. I don’t have any new “Bachelorette” news this week, sorry. But we do have comedian and Bachelor YouTuber Dave Neal on today’s podcast as we talk a little about the “Bachelorette” season and then talk all Bachelor Nation stories that have happened recently like Kaitlyn and Jason’s April Fools pranks, Katie … Continue reading

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    Podcast #280 (And Column) – Interview with Martin Andrew, the Butler from “Joe Millionaire” & (EXCLUSIVE) Filming Info & Notes on the “Bachelorette”

    Photo Credit: Fox TV

    A lot to get to today since you really haven’t heard from me in a week. There’s a reason for that. I’m moving in two weeks. Not far. Just about 5 minutes from where I am now. But as any of you know, moving is just about the worst thing in the world in terms of all the things you have to do for it. So while I’d received information about the “Bachelorette” since filming began last Saturday night, I just figured I’d give it all in one space today here in the column and on the podcast, rather than space it out. Just been busy with getting things in order, throwing out trash, boxing things up, etc. So the first 20 minutes of today’s podcast I talk about the correction of Connor being on the season, debunk the gossip that’s out there about the show, tell you what the format is going to be, and fill you in on where they’re headed this season before hometowns. Then, Martin the butler from “Joe Millionaire” joins … Continue reading

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    Podcast #279 – Interview with Mark Walberg, Host of “Temptation Island” & “Bachelorette” Guys, One Location for Next Season & Some Other Thoughts

    Photo Credit: USA Network

    We are two episodes in to the new season of “Temptation Island” and as always we are joined by host Mark Walberg for a discussion on last night’s episode, plus an overview of kinda what to expect this season – without spoilers of course. I don’t know what happens so you won’t be getting anything from me, but I certainly have some opinions based on these first two episodes. Mark always has such a unique perspective, and not just because he knows the results of what happens, but also because he views the show differently than us viewers. Before that, I touch on some Bachelor Nation subjects as I give my final thoughts on Clayton/Susie, tell you one of the locations the show is headed this season for the “Bachelorette,” what I’m hearing about the filming format, where I don’t think they’re going, the unsubstantiated rumors of BIP being cancelled & more, which I briefly go over below. What’s below is also the first 15 minutes of today’s podcast. As always, if you’d like to … Continue reading

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