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    Podcast #174 – Interview with Cortney Hendrix of “Married at First Sight” & Final “Reader Emails” of the Season


    Been a while since we had her on, but Cortney Hendrix from “Married at First Sight” joins the show to talk about her engagement that became public yesterday. Cortney describes how it all came about but then takes a very introspective look on her marriage to Jason that ended in 2018. You don’t usually hear someone talk about an ex-husband the way Cortney talks about Jason and what their issues were, how they were handled, and her role in all of it. Very refreshing to hear actually because, by the sound of it, Cortney realizes the mistakes she made in the marriage and is only trying to get better from it, which is really all you can ask for when moving on to a new relationship. I think a lot of you will be surprised about how Cortney views her marriage to Jason now and how she even talks about Jason now after he recently got married in January. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Cortney’s Twitter handle (Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 24 - Peter

    Clare’s Filming Possibilities, Peter & Madison Break Up, Hannah B. & Tyler, & What To Expect On The Site During This Postponement

    Photo Credit: ABC

    To say we’re in unprecedented times would be an understatement for sure. Clearly I did not end up going to Vegas this week for March Madness. But even before Vegas had a complete shutdown of their casinos, I wasn’t planning on going anyway. My trip was for March Madness. Once that was cancelled, I wasn’t interested in going. Then the casinos closed and, well, that ended up being the right move. And as you know, Clare’s season has been postponed, like most everything in the entertainment industry. It first came out in a press release on Friday, then Chris Harrison took to IG and told everyone they were postponing filming for at least 2 weeks. Now, I’m not an expert or anything, but I can pretty guaran-damn-tee you that “Bachelorette” production isn’t going to resume in two weeks. Two months maybe, but certainly not two weeks the way things are going right now. I know a lot of you want answers and how does this affect filming, and Clare’s guys, and “Bachelor in Paradise,” but … Continue reading

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    Podcast #173 – Interview with Sharleen Joynt


    Well it’s certainly been a wild 24 hrs in this world. I’m no disease expert, nor will I claim to be, so I’ll just say be safe out there, be smart, and wash your hands after basically anything you do. I know, real insightful stuff. Anyway, hopefully to take your mind off things for at least a little bit, one of my favorite guests to have on has joined us for the first time in a year, and that’s Sharleen Joynt. You follow her recaps on, you read her excellent recaps on, and now she joins me for over an hour today to break down what the hell we saw on Monday and Tuesday night this week, along with talking about Clare’s upcoming season. Remember, Sharleen was on Juan Pablo’s season with Clare, so she provides some insight that not everyone may know about when it comes to Clare. As always, if you’d like to reply to the interview, please include Sharleen’s Twitter handle (@sharleenjoynt) in your replies. So … Continue reading


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