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Here is a list of the confirmed girls you will be seeing on Colton’s season 23 of the “Bachelor.” They are updated from the days I post them on the site. Let the prejudging begin!

ADDED 9/20

1. Sydney Lotuaco: 27, New York, NY. Former NY Knicks dancer and current barre class teacher at Physique 57 in New York. Graduated Marymount Manhattan College cum laude with a BFA in Dance. Also has done some modeling work. One of the 3 girls who got to meet Colton early on the “Ellen” show

Facebook – Sydney Lotuaco (de-activated as of 9/20)
Twitter – @sydneylotuaco (hasn’t been used since 2013)
Instagram – sydneylotuaco (de-activated as of 9/20)
LinkedIn – Sydney Lotuaco


2. Nina Bartula: 30, Raleigh, NC. Account manager at Cisco. Graduated Meredith College in 2011 with a B.S. in Business Administration and a double minor in International Business and Marketing.

Instagram – nina.bartula (de-activated as of 9/20)
LinkedIn – Nina Bartula


3. Hannah Godwin: 23, Birmingham, AL. Media manager at Soca Clothing. Graduated University of Montevallo in 2017 with a Business Marketing degree. Also a social media influencer with over 40k followers already and helps others promote their brands. She should fit in great on this show.

Facebook – Hannah Godwin (de-activated as of 9/20)
Instagram – hannahg11 (set to private as of 9/20)
LinkedIn – Hannah Godwin
Website –


4. Revian Chang: 24, Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Austin, Tx, but currently living in Los Angeles. A registered nurse that graduated UT-Austin in 2016 with a B.S. in Nursing.

Facebook – Revian Chang
Instagram – rev_yo_engine
LinkedIn – Revian Chang


5. Onyeka Ehie: 24, Dallas, TX. An IT Advisory Associate at KPMG. Graduated Kansas St. University in 2016 with a degree in Accounting.

Facebook – Onyeka Ehie
Twitter – @onyekaehie (set to private as of 9/20)
Instagram – onyekaehie (set to private as of 9/20)
LinkedIn – Onyeka Ehie


6. Katie Morton: 26, Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Louisiana. Attended LSU where she was a Tiger Dancer. Was working in sales/marketing, but has recently signed on with a dance agency. One of the 3 girls who got to meet Colton early on the “Ellen” show

Facebook – Katie Morton
Instagram – katieemo (set to private as of 9/20)
LinkedIn – Katie Morton


7. Erika Mcnutt: 25, San Diego, CA. She’s a travel nurse recruiter for Aya Healthcare. Graduated Cal State San Marcos in 2015 with a B.A. in Human Development.

Facebook – Erika Mcnutt (de-activated as of 9/20)
Instagram – enuttss (set to private as of 9/20)
LinkedIn – Erika Mcnutt


8. Alex Blumberg: 29, Vancouver, Canada. Attended the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba. Partnered with her half sister Sara and they created the K9 guard jacket, a protective jacket for smaller dogs. Here’s an article on how the K9 jacket came to be. Both her and her sister are heavily involved in animal rescue and adoption, working for an organization called CAARE (Companion Animal Advocacy & Rescue Effort). Found out about her after she’d shut off her IG account, so had to go looking other places.

Instagram – Alex Blumberg (de-activated as of 9/20)
LinkedIn – Alex Blumberg

She’s on the far right in the 4 pics:


9. Hannah Brown: 24, Tuscaloosa, AL. She’s the reigning Miss Alabama 2018. Graduated the University of Alabama magna cum laude in 2017 with a B.A. in Communications and Information Sciences. Was involved in interior designing before getting back into the pageant world. Article on her talks about how she deals with anxiety and depression. Definitely has a storyline built in for her that I’m guessing the show will try and exploit.

Facebook – Hannah Brown
Instagram – itsalabamahannah (de-activated as of 9/20)


10. Annie Reardon: 23, originally from Mequon, WI, went to college in Alabama, but now living in NY. Works for Bloomingdales corporate. Graduated the University of Alabama in 2017 with a B.S. in Commerce, Business Administration, Finance, and Economics. Geez, another Alabama grad. Wonder if she knows Hannah Brown? Or the other Hannah from Alabama? Bama’ representing big time already this season. One of the 3 girls who got to meet Colton early on the “Ellen” show.

Instagram – annie_reardon (de-activated as of 9/20)
LinkedIn – Annie Reardon

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