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Bachelor in Paradise 8

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8

    “Reader Emails,” Final Thoughts on BIP, & Breakdown of the Victoria/Johnny/Greg Situation

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    “Although we’ve come…to the end of the road…it’s so natural…” Excuse me while I shed a tear to the ending of this season of BIP and the completion of 2/3rds of the roughly 9 months straight of Bachelor programming. Last season there was a one week break between Michelle’s season ending and Clayton’s season starting. This year, we get about a 9 week break since Zach’s season doesn’t start airing until January 23rd. But still, we just had basically 5 straight months of Bachelor programming on Monday and/or Tuesday nights, starting with Gabby/Rachel’s season that began on July 11th and going through last night. So this will be the final “Reader Emails” until Jan. 25th, and probably won’t be too many columns until then either. … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8

    “Reader Emails,” An Update on the Aaron Story (With Receipts), & the Daily Roundup

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    Well today is certainly going to be interesting. I shared the story last Thursday on both the podcast and the column about a woman that Aaron is involved with now that he seemingly was seeing right before Paradise as well. Since that story posted, another woman reached out to me who not only told me about her involvement with Aaron pre-BIP filming, but also got in touch with the woman I spoke with last week, they essentially compared notes and realized that Aaron was playing both of them. Yet the girl from last week is still with him. As you know, I don’t reveal stuff like this unless someone provides receipts. The woman I spoke on the phone with yesterday did. Her identity is being … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8

    Podcast #312 – Interview with Ali Appleby, Miss Dallas Teen USA & Does a BIP Guy Have a New GF?


    I’ve done now 312 Thursday podcasts. And I usually don’t like to rank them or point out my favorites just because it makes it seem like I didn’t like others if they don’t make some top 10 list. And that’s not the case. But there are some that definitely stick out more than others. Today is one of those. And if I’m being honest, this is a top 3 podcast I’ve ever done. And not because of anything in particular I did, but for the information, insight, and education about epilepsy, Asperger’s, and service dogs. Ali Appleby won Miss Dallas Teen USA last month, a pageant that I was a judge at. I judged Miss Dallas, but the Teen competition ran simultaneously so I saw … Continue reading

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