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“Reader Emails,” Final Thoughts on BIP, & Breakdown of the Victoria/Johnny/Greg Situation

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“Although we’ve come…to the end of the road…it’s so natural…” Excuse me while I shed a tear to the ending of this season of BIP and the completion of 2/3rds of the roughly 9 months straight of Bachelor programming. Last season there was a one week break between Michelle’s season ending and Clayton’s season starting. This year, we get about a 9 week break since Zach’s season doesn’t start airing until January 23rd. But still, we just had basically 5 straight months of Bachelor programming on Monday and/or Tuesday nights, starting with Gabby/Rachel’s season that began on July 11th and going through last night. So this will be the final “Reader Emails” until Jan. 25th, and probably won’t be too many columns until then either. The Daily Roundup podcast will still exist every day, with probably less Bachelor Nation talk only because there just won’t be a lot to cover. Nothing is airing and Zach’s season is done filming. You have a lot of your spoilers for that, and I’m sure a lot more will trickle in between now and Jan. 23rd, so I’ll keep you updated anytime I hear something. With that out of the way, lets get to the events of last nights finale.

Today’s Daily Roundup covers your BIP finale last night, all the social media comments from contestants during and after the show, and all the stuff that was left on the editing room floor – which was A LOT.

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What’s in today’s Daily Roundup is pretty much what I’m gonna cover below. However one thing I forgot to mention in today’s podcast that was probably the #1 question I got last night was, “Why was Victoria Fuller in the preview for Zach’s season.” This was something I spoiled weeks ago when I told you that on the first group date of the season, Victoria (along with Courtney Robertson and Tahzjuan) were “judges” for the date hosted by rapper Latto. That’s why she was in the preview. No, she’s not competing on Zach’s season. This would’ve been right around the time (if we’re to believe Victoria’s timeline) that she and Johnny were already broken up and she was talking to Greg.

As for the BIP finale last night, holy crap a ton was left on the editing room floor. This taping by the way, was 15 HOURS LONG. 9am to 12pm on Friday, Nov. 4th. So obviously they can’t possibly squeeze so much footage into a 2 hour show (80 minutes roughly with commercials). Of the 19 contestants who were on stage last night, I counted 7 that we never heard one word from. 7!!!! Andrew, Salley, Hunter, Jessenia, Ency, Justin, and Lace. If any of them spoke a word, maybe it was one sentence. That’s a lot of people to leave out when clearly each of them spoke during filming. But where do you even begin with last night?

Lets start with Kira and Romeo, two people that I didn’t include above, but maybe should’ve? Romeo never even spoke, just laughed and blinked, and Kira may have said one sentence. They built up this storyline and Jesse was like, “Ok, lets talk about this guys,” then literally spent less than :30 on them. I’m sure they did speak and did address everything, but did we see it? Ummmm, no. That kinda set the tone for what we were going to witness the rest of the night.

Kate sure had an interesting take on things she said during the season. She apologized to Logan…sort of? She said she regrets the things she said. Not because they were condescending and mean, but because they weren’t supposed to be heard. She said she was telling that to her friends in private and she never meant for him to hear that. Ummmm, that’s your apology? She then took to Twitter last night with this:

Again, I guess that’s better than nothing, but it still doesn’t explain why she shamed Logan the way she did. She could’ve said this weeks ago when the things she was saying about him were airing. Why say this now? It seems like she heard all the crap from viewers and felt she wanted to apologize, and like I said, I guess this is better than nothing, but it still seems like she’s missing the point. I’m still not sure she understands why people were so put off by her. And her take on the finale last night didn’t help matters saying you were only saying that to your friends in private. Sounds like she’s more sorry for getting caught than sorry for what she actually said. This tweet tried to apologize for that, but it kinda falls on deaf ears because it seems to be more in response to the reaction she’s getting from people and less about her words and how insulting they were to Logan.

The Eliza/Justin/Rodney love triangle got even more confusing last night. So here’s what we saw happen on the show:

-Eliza chooses Rodney over Justin at the rose ceremony.
-Eliza the next day tells Rodney she made a mistake, she has stronger feelings for Justin, and wants to pursue him.
-Eliza flies to Baltimore to tell Justin she made a mistake. Justin basically rejects her advances.
-On the finale last night, Eliza tells Rodney she made a mistake and shouldn’t have left him in the first place.

I’m so confused. So you told Justin you made a mistake by not giving him a rose over Rodney, but now you’re telling us that mistake was a mistake? If Justin would’ve taken her back when she went to Baltimore, would she have told Rodney what she did last night? Eliza did not come across well last night at all. Sounds like she only said that to Rodney last night because Justin rejected her in Baltimore and it didn’t work out between them. To which Justin commented last night:

I mean, he’s not wrong. She keeps saying she made all these mistakes, yet you can see why Justin is confused. As am I. How many mistakes did she make, what were they, who is she really interested in, and can we believe her? It’s probably best for all parties involved to handle things like they did last night. Justin, Eliza, and Rodney all move on and go their separate ways. Yet, for all that, we never heard Justin speak last night – only Rodney and Eliza. Which I thought was bizarre.

Speaking of bizarre, lets now turn our attention to Tyler and Brittany. This seems to be a case of he said/she said because that conversation we saw on screen last night seemed to be highly edited and things were left out. This was Brittany’s take online last night:

So she’s saying they had a mutual break up. She thought everything was cool, then he dropped all that on her at the reunion. Tyler clearly had a different side to it. There isn’t a whole lot to add to this one since unless one of them speaks in specific examples, we don’t know what happened. I don’t think ending a relationship over a FaceTime is a respectful way to end a relationship, but now I don’t know if that’s truly when it ended. It’s hard to know because both are telling a seemingly different story. Until either one of them gives specifics, looks like we’re not gonna know much about this one.

Wasn’t a ton to go over with Michael and Danielle since they gave Sierra one sentence, yet again, when we know more was said. But just like most everyone else, I’m over it. I don’t think Michael handled their breakup the best, and neither Michael and/or Danielle have still yet to answer the question of (which is what Sierra is basically getting at) is Michael knew Danielle was coming on the beach and specifically was the one asking for her. Why can’t he just admit that? If he would’ve told Sierra that on the beach, this all would’ve been avoided. But he didn’t then, led Sierra on to think he wasn’t “ready,” when in reality it was because it was Sierra, and not something that had to do with him not being ready. It’s frustrating but I doubt he’ll admit it post show either, so it’s a lost cause. Lets just move on.

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