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Bachelor in Paradise 8

“Reader Emails,” Final Thoughts on BIP, & Breakdown of the Victoria/Johnny/Greg Situation

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Hey –

I think the phrase, “My person,” comes from Grey’s Anatomy – long ago when the character of Meredith referred to Derek that way.

Regarding Taylor Swift tickets, what a debacle! I did not have any presale codes, nor can I afford tickets in the $1,000’s…..what a shame that those of us who have supported Taylor since the beginning will never be able to afford to see her again. Is this just a case of Ticketmaster being greedy?

Thanks for all you do, always happy to see your new columns pop up.

Comment: It’s not Ticketmaster regarding the prices. Taylor set face value prices on the tickets for those that got the codes and got in early. Plenty of people got those. But way more people wanted tickets than are available. It’s like 2.8 million seats are available on this tour roughly for the 52 US cities, and 14 million people have requested seats. So clearly not everyone that wants to see her can, even if seats were $1. There’s only so many seats and so many shows she can do. It’s just that quite a few people who were able to get their hands on tickets aren’t actually Taylor Swift fans and have zero interest in going to the show. They got tickets at face value on the first day and are looking to sell them at a giant markup because they know the demand is so high. Ticketmasters issue was the server shutting down and people who actually got in and had codes STILL getting shut out of face value tickets that day. Now you have to go to ticket apps which are selling at a giant markup (averaging around 300-400%) AND having to pay the ridiculous fees which go along with them which are close to $200 per ticket.


I’m sure many of your listeners have watched Love is Blind. In the 3 seasons it’s been on, the show has changed the settings that the cast is in in order to hope that the couples make it. Could you compare on a daily podcast about how LIB cost is encouraged to stay secret for WAY longer (15-17 months – what aired in the last few weeks was filmed in May-June 2021. Three of the 5 couples are still together.
Versus Bach that manipulates the cast on who they should like or start drama with and only allows the final couple to see each other every several weeks. Again makes your point that the show doesn’t care about the final couple.
Thought it would be a good bit for you to share your thoughts.

Comment: I couldn’t do it with an any confidence or authority because I’ve never watched Love is Blind and know nothing about it.

I’m curious, Steve. Just don’t understand why you won’t post the pics people send you of Victoria and Greg. Aren’t they something your BN fans would like to see? I’m sure my fans would like to see or hear a lot of things that I have or know about. But I’m only going to cover certain things. Once Italy happened, there was no need to post anymore every single time they had a pic together. What’s the point?

I get it — they’re already dating and it’s not a reveal of any kind. But to act as if there’s no interest in those photos? I just don’t get it. With that same logic, wouldn’t you stop posting about any Bachelor season as soon as you spoiled the winner? I posted plenty from Italy of them being together. I don’t understand why you’d need to see them sitting at a dinner not even looking at each other or Greg walking a dog.

Maybe you don’t want to be the only one posting any particular pic, I don’t know. Of course, I also know it’s your business what you post and don’t post. Just seems like it’d be easier to post the photos than to spend so much time talking about why you won’t post them. Spend so much time? All I did was say someone sent me a pic of them together. I wouldn’t call that a lot of time.

Re: Gabby. More curiosity as to why you give Gabby so much more credit for her choice of dating partners than she deserves.

Look, she did dump Erich, who you clearly feel was not up to her standards/level. But why didn’t she know that before getting engaged? If I remember correctly, Gabby is the one who WANTED that ring. Erich would have been fine leaving there with Gabby but not engaged. So if we think Gabby is smarter/deeper/more accomplished/more driven than Erich, why did she make such a “lesser” choice? Why didn’t she know that before getting engaged? Because they don’t have access to phones, internet, etc while filming. She found the girlfriend stuff out after she’d already been engaged. Once given all that information, coupled with spending time with him outside the show, she probably realized a few things about their lifestyle. Happens to a lot of people in this franchise.

Now we get these hints about Vinny from Jersey Shore, and AGAIN we’re told that Gabby is above someone like him, that she’s not a match for him. Huh??? I see a pattern here WITH GABBY.

Besides, no matter what one thinks of Vinny G, he IS a reality star and he IS a millionaire. I just don’t get why we should dismiss a possible relationship between them because Gabby is on SUCH a higher level.

Comment: For Gabby’s own sake, I don’t think it has anything to do with what level either of them are on. Vinny is a known womanizer, so I don’t know what would make Gabby think she’s the one he’d settle down with. If she just wants to have a little fun after a break up, then sure. Have at it. Her life. But based on his track record, which is well known (she might wanna ask around in BN as well), he’s not someone she should probably look to settle down with.

Hey Steve! Glad you’re feeling better & can walk around again.

One comment: it is weird looking back at Gabby & Rachel’s Men Tall All & realizing that Bachelor in Paradise already happened when the MTA was taped. No wonder you didn’t see for example, Logan interact with Gabby & Rachel after them talking such smack about him in Paradise (I agree unnecessarily so – history was rewritten). I was there & G&R didn’t really hug too many of the guys warmly. Maybe because of Paradise happening in between their season and the MTA getting taped.

A Question: I have read that the more choices a man has in dating, the more likely they are to be unfaithful and act like a dog.

Could this be why so many of these Bachelorette guys behave so badly. If not before the show, then after they gain some Bachelorette fame, women must the throwing themselves at them. And rather than stay in a committed relationship, they’re like a kid in a candy store. Except Sean, who was constrained more by his religious beliefs.

It just keeps happening over & over again. Including with Aaron now and the stories before him that you’ve uncovered so often.

It’s kind of depressing to see so many guys who can’t seem to keep it I their pants & practice a lot of deceit in dating multiple women, stringing them along.

Your’e a guy & you don’t condone it. What are you thoughts about this? Why do they behave so badly in your opinion?

Comment: I mean, Chris Rock put it pretty succinctly in one of his stand up specials: “A man is only as faithful as his options.” Now, does that apply for every single man in the world? Of course not. But in general, if women from all over are constantly throwing themselves at you, and you have the ability to have women in every city you go to, is it easier to cheat? Of course. Just a matter of how each individual man handles temptation. That’s not the case for many men. They wake up, go to work, come home, etc. Not much temptation in that on a daily basis. But when you’re famous or well known, does that dynamic change? Absolutely. People would be lying if they said it didn’t.

And while none of these Bachelor guys are A list celebrities, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes and also been told the stories, women throw themselves at them just because they were on the show. It’s almost easier in that aspect because they aren’t A-listers and someone like Leo where your chances of getting with Leo are slim and none. But could you DM slide to some guy who finished 10th on a Bachelorette season and get a response? Absolutely not out of the question. But again, it comes down to each individual guy. MOST of the guys in this franchise, lets face it, are in their mid 20s/early 30s, and not looking to settle down immediately, so they take advantage of that. It sucks for the women, but that’s just straight fact. We’ve seen the stories time and time again play out, and those are just the ones that are made public. There’s plenty more behind the scenes too.

Hey Steve,

So since Hannah Brown’s season more men have been getting caught having girlfriends back home while competing on the show. Most recently on the Netflix show Love is Blind, which I won’t go into detail about the premise because I’m sure you know, it was discovered that a cast member named SK had possibly multiple girlfriends while being engaged and potentially marrying his fiancé Raven on the show. It is now rumored that the production company is possibly suing SK for breach of contract because he was not single while during filming and reported told his girlfriends he only went on the show for financial gain. Because this situation has become more prevalent on The Bachelorette, or at least more men have been getting caught, do you foresee the production company of The Bachelorette contractually requiring that future contestants be single? If it’s discovered that contestants are not single suing the contestants? Or has the production company acknowledged behind the scenes that this show has built a platform for aspiring influencers, no longer cares about contestants intentions, and are playing on the heart strings of their audience by portraying produced love story? Unlike Love is Blind, The Bachelor franchise can recycle contestants. If they have enough contestants aspiring to become influencers or at least trying to remain relevant production can use the same person for all three shows or for one season of Bachelor/Bachelorette and two, maybe more, seasons of BOP. Love is Blind does not have that ability because each season takes place in a different city with a year later two episode follow up.

Comment: I mean, the Bachelor contract actually states you must be single to come on the show, but it’s so easy to skirt that as a contestant because all you have to say is we weren’t exclusive or something like that. Not to mention, it’s happened so many times now, it’s almost better for the show when someone has a scandal like that because it draws attention. There’s no way this show will ever sue a contestants for coming on the show with a boyfriend/girlfriend. No way. They eat that shit up.

Hi Steve!

I have a question about the Bachelor/ette/BIP contestants. I follow many of them on Instagram after the seasons are over, and it seems so many of them are perpetually on vacation, travelling to Europe or Mexico or going on cruises, etc. Do any of these people work real jobs? Do we have any BachelorData on this?
Thanks for all you do.

Comment: I think people need to stop with the “get a real job” narrative when it comes to contestants on this show. In addition, you realize my website and my podcast is my full time job and has been since August of 2011? I live quite comfortably. Does that mean I should get a real job as well? If you play your cards right within this franchise and you get far enough along in the show, make a name for yourself, build up a following, it can be quite lucrative. Like, much more lucrative than most people working M-F 8-5 job. I know that’s hard for people to hear who work their asses off just to get by, but it’s fact. Times are changing.

I applying Susie Evans for the next bachelorette. Can you please messaging her and let her know she will be the next bachelorette

Comment: Ok. Will get right on that.

Hey Steve –

In traditional journalism, reporters reach out to the subjects of negative articles, often getting no response. While I would not expect Aaron to respond, do you reach out for such stories? I stay away from contestants because it’s a very slippery slope. 1) They’re told not to talk with me so getting a response is unlikely and 2) because of legal issues in the past with the show, it’s just not smart of me to do.

I can’t believe Kate could not find a guy with a lot of money in Paradise. I would think guys with jobs that allow taking off so much time to be on Bachelorette and BIP as well as having the time to maintain 6 pack abs would be loaded. I’m sure she won’t have a problem finding what she’s looking for.

On The Challenge, the greatness of Bananas is his ability to see the key to succeeding in the challenges, including the realization that it is better to risk nomination than win the daily this season. Notice the subtle things he does like offering comfort / kindness to rookies. I get that the 4 team nomination makes it hard to have a large alliance but it seems like too many given the number of teams.

Enjoy your reader email break!

Comment: It’s definitely too many. The format this season just sucks. It’s why so many rookies are winning and probably will continue to win. You put such a target on your back winning a daily.

And yes, the last Reader Emails til Jan. 25th, which is the week of Zach’s premiere.

Thanks for answering my questions about Back to the Future. Do you watch this yearly? I got the date and time (when you started the movie) but maybe just not why this year unless you watch it every year. I definitely loved when they went to the future, the sneakers, the hoverboards. For sure. Anytime it’s on TNT, no matter where it is in the movie, if I come across it, I have to watch.

Anyway I’ve been reading your site since Jason but I’m pretty confident this is the last Bachelor in Paradise for me. The women who did the breaking up came across as heartless and cold. The men who weren’t in serious relationships just came for a free vacation I guess. It was too long and just doesn’t hold my interest, sucks because I like your spoilers so hard trade off. I mean, I said this at the beginning of the season for everyone who were complaining about Rachel and Gabby’s season and were like, “Oh, I can’t WAIT for Paradise. Such a fun summer show.” It’s the same thing every season. This one was no different. Well, except for the fact it had 16 episodes, the most they’ve ever had. And you look at the reaction online and halfway through, people were over it.

You totally spoiled Survivor for me last week, I’ve been sleeping when I can with a sick toddler. So now I get why people block you lol. I started to listen and before I could hit the fast forward button, nope spoiled. No wonder people get annoyed with you for Bachelor franchise lol.

Thanks for all the good stuff behind the scenes. Still hoping stories that haven’t been told yet will come to light.

Comment: Some will, some won’t. Each story is its own and has factors on whether it’ll get out or not. For me, it comes down to someone else putting their name behind it, and/or providing evidence or receipts. Like Amy and Beth did. Even though I didn’t use their real identities, providing the context of their conversation about Aaron, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. That told the story, so, their names didn’t need to be a part of it.

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