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  • Bachelor in Paradise 6

    The “Bachelorette” Hannah – MAJOR “Bachelorette” Spoiler, & (EXCLUSIVE) Your Two Main Storylines Happening on “Bachelor in Paradise”

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well, I’d say today is one of the more information filled posts I can remember in a while. Can’t remember the last time a column had this much in it, explaining a lot of things, clarifying what we’re seeing, and having exclusives. So here’s how it’s gonna roll today. Page 1 is to update you on the “Bachelorette”/BIP schedule, BIP cast info, some notes about the show, and other things. Then the next 3 pages, as I do on my podcast, I will have my own version of “Explain Your Tweet,” where I will tell you why I tweeted out what I did over the last 4 or 5 days. There’s a method to my madness trust me. I’ve never tweeted something which teased a storyline or spoiler I was gonna release, then never followed through. Ever. Yes, I get that you have to have everything 3 seconds after I tweet it, but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. You will get it. You always do. But … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Hannah Spoilers

    Hannah’s Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

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    UPDATE: This posts final page was updated on June 18th with a new ending.Well, you’ve waited long enough (I know, a whole week), and here it finally is. Got the confirmation I needed and finally comfortable with posting all your spoilers today. For those that have been following my site and Twitter during filming, a lot of this won’t be new to you. You pretty much knew all throughout filming how many guys were in each location, who got the dates, & what most of the dates were. But there are a few early season dates and storylines I haven’t posted until today. Those just arriving and reading this stuff for the first time since March, well, I hope you enjoy it. And yay, the “Who won Steve?” “When are we gonna know?” and “Why don’t you know yet?” tweets and emails will finally come to a stop. When it comes to the the ending, obviously I would like to be sure it’s right before just randomly spouting … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Hannah Spoilers

    “Bachelorette” Reunion Special, & Hannah’s “Bachelorette” Promo & Filming Update

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well we are officially in the home stretch as the “Bachelorette” season “kicked off” last night with the reunion special. Some really good old school classic clips to see. And I’ll be honest, I think every “Bachelorette” looks just as good now, if not better, than they did when their season aired. Although if you read social media last night, you’d think the opposite. The keyboard warriors were out in full force lets just say. Anyway, in case you missed my tweet last night, there were 2 former “Bachelorette” leads that weren’t part of the show last night – Jen Schefft Waterman and Meredith Phillips. I’m not sure why Jen wasn’t there, but when I texted Meredith yesterday if she was ever approached about appearing, her exact response back to me was: “No, I was never contacted or spoke to anyone. I didn’t even know the show was happening.” Granted, after hearing Meredith on my podcast last year, I highly doubt she would’ve had anything to do with … Continue reading

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