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  • Bachelor Arie Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE SPOILER): What is Going On?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED. Feels kinda funny that the “Spoiler Guy” has to write that on his own website, but sometimes I’m baffled by the people who contact me via email or social media to let me know they were reading on my site or were listening to the podcast but didn’t want to be spoiled. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m a spoiler site. I spoil the “Bachelor” franchise and all their shows. In my recaps, I will allude to the spoilers I initially posted. Sometimes in the podcast I will eventually give out a spoiler or whatever, hence the reason the episode description of every podcast has SPOILERS in all caps at … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Arie Spoilers

    Podcast #61 – Interview with Tori Hall of the “Challenge,” & Your “Bachelor” Episode-by-Episode Spoilers


    Going through a divorce is never fun I can imagine. Now imagine going through that divorce publicly, your ex-husband has a new girlfriend, and it’s playing out on TV for everyone to see. That’s what today’s podcast guest Tori Hall from MTV’s the “Challenge” has had to face. For a long time, no one even knew they were separated because they chose to keep it that way. Tori spoke with US Weekly last week about her divorce from Brad Fiorenza for the first time, so in today’s podcast, we talk about how here whole “Challenge” career started, the early days with Brad, what happened to their marriage, and a lot more. I appreciate Tori being able to speak about this without trashing her ex-husband. No … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Arie Spoilers

    “Bachelor” Notes, Arie Spoiling His Own Season, New Info on “Winter Games”

    Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

    Been almost 9 months, but heading back to California this weekend for some pleasure. And business. First up on the pleasure list? Yes, my inner Star Wars geek is psyched about going to the premiere tomorrow night. I may or may not have bought tix over a month ago. For those asking, no, I haven’t read any spoilers. Nor do I want to. And no, I will not be wearing a costume. Bring my light saber? Maybe. But no costume. I don’t think. Look, when my prime childhood years centered around the release of “Star Wars,” “Empire Strikes Back,” and “Return of the Jedi,” then of course I’m going to freak out when a new movie is released. Only been waiting two years for “Last … Continue reading

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