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Bachelor in Paradise 8 Spoilers

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8

    “Reader Emails,” An Update on the Aaron Story (With Receipts), & the Daily Roundup

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    Well today is certainly going to be interesting. I shared the story last Thursday on both the podcast and the column about a woman that Aaron is involved with now that he seemingly was seeing right before Paradise as well. Since that story posted, another woman reached out to me who not only told me about her involvement with Aaron pre-BIP filming, but also got in touch with the woman I spoke with last week, they essentially compared notes and realized that Aaron was playing both of them. Yet the girl from last week is still with him. As you know, I don’t reveal stuff like this unless someone provides receipts. The woman I spoke on the phone with yesterday did. Her identity is being kept private because she wants to (as was the woman last week who had posted on her IG being with Aaron), however, to tell the story that she relayed to me yesterday, I had to give them both names for the sake of … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8

    “Bachelor in Paradise” – Brief Breakdown, Ashley & Jared’s Screen Time, & All Your BIP SPOILERS in One Post

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    Fun, fun. Tonight will finally be over a third of the way through a 16 episode season of Bachelor in Paradise. That’s I believe at least 4 more episodes than we’ve ever had of this show before. You may ask “How are they gonna fill all that time?” Well, I think we got our answer last night. You know, where we got an episode focused on an already successful couple (but not from BIP even though they want to make you think it was) that was more than what anyone wanted or asked for. You’ll see below how bad it was, but man, I get that Ashley and Jared are considered BN royalty in some circles, but that was a bit much last night. Like, do you want people to invest in your characters actually competing on this season? Like, what’s the point of this? Anyway, look at @BachelorData’s post from yesterday below to see what I mean. Makes no sense. But, it explains how they can give … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8 Spoilers

    Podcast #307 – Your Reader Emails Incl the Real Story of Salley Carson on BIP


    Definitely got some truth for you today as within today’s “Reader Emails” podcast, you get the actual true story of what happened in regards to Salley Carson coming on BIP. We haven’t seen her appear down on the beach (that’ll happen next week), but, we did see the show do some hokey re-enactment in regards to what they want you to believe happened. It didn’t. In my first Reader Email in the podcast, you get the full rundown of exactly what happened in regards to getting Salley to come on the show. Numerous people have shared this story with me, I’ve seen what I’ve needed to see behind the scenes to know it’s all true, and if some of the women in this franchise weren’t under contract they’d be able to corroborate the story themselves. That’s ok. I’ll do it for them because I know it to be true. The other side of this is productions side. So after you listen to what really happened, all you have … Continue reading

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