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“Bachelor in Paradise” – Brief Breakdown, Ashley & Jared’s Screen Time, & All Your BIP SPOILERS in One Post

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Fun, fun. Tonight will finally be over a third of the way through a 16 episode season of Bachelor in Paradise. That’s I believe at least 4 more episodes than we’ve ever had of this show before. You may ask “How are they gonna fill all that time?” Well, I think we got our answer last night. You know, where we got an episode focused on an already successful couple (but not from BIP even though they want to make you think it was) that was more than what anyone wanted or asked for. You’ll see below how bad it was, but man, I get that Ashley and Jared are considered BN royalty in some circles, but that was a bit much last night. Like, do you want people to invest in your characters actually competing on this season? Like, what’s the point of this? Anyway, look at @BachelorData’s post from yesterday below to see what I mean. Makes no sense. But, it explains how they can give us 16 episodes this season. We’re gonna get a lot of filler, and last night was one of them. Holy crap. Monday/Tuesday for 5 of the next 6 weeks (only week of Nov. 7th there’s just one episode) up through Nov. 22nd seems like a lot. Well, it is. They’ve never had this many episodes. Not even close.

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Today’s Daily Roundup is now up and covers last night’s BIP episode, the two love triangles and their one common denominator, Ashley & Jared, Clare gets engaged, some pop culture headlines, the NFL takes a beating this weekend, & MLB’s Division Series begins today.

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I’ll get into the Ashley/Jared thing a little more tomorrow, but my God, look at the amount of screen time they gave them last night. They’re an already successful couple who’s been married for what, a few years now? What are they doing? To get TWICE as much screen time of your actual cast? So bizarre.

So here you go. All your BIP Spoilers that I posted during filming back in June. Thanks to everyone to streamlined all of this and helped me out sending in your versions. Much appreciated. I don’t have every single detail of what happens, with 43 different people showing up at some point this season. But now you have it all in one place. If you’re on mobile, go to the “BIP 8 Spoilers” tab, and this column will be the first to appear. On desktop, just go to “Spoilers” and the drop down list first entry will show “Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Spoilers” and it’ll be this column.

BIP Season 8 Spoilers

OG Cast


Genevieve Parisi (Clayton’s season)
Sierra Jackson
Kira Mengistu
Hunter Haag
Teddi Wright
Hailey Malles
Serene Russell
Jill Chin
Shanae Ankney
Lace Morris (Ben Higgins season)
Brittany Galvin (Matt’s Season)


Andrew Spencer (Katie’s season)
Michael Allio
Justin Glaze
Casey Woods (Michelle’s season)
Brandon Jones
Romeo Alexander
Jacob Rapini (Gabby/Rachel’s season)
Johnny DePhillipo
Logan Palmer

Victoria Fuller (Peter’s season) came in after the first day, but before the first rose ceremony. When she arrived, she took Justin on a date.

Rose Ceremony #1 (Men giving roses to Women)

Brandon to Serene
Justin to Genevieve
Romeo to Jill
Michael to Sierra
Jacob to Lace
Logan to Shanae
Andrew to Teddi
Johnny to Victoria
Casey to Brittany

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Hailey Malles, Hunter Haag, and Kira Mengistu.

After the first rose ceremony, Teddi wasn’t feeling it with Andrew and self-eliminated.

Aaron and James are two people that arrived (along with Rodney) after rose ceremony #1. Aaron took Genevieve on a date, and now they’re coupled up. I’m not sure who James took on a date, but James didn’t make it past rose ceremony #2. (We know now he took Shanae).

Maybe when Rodney arrived (since he wasn’t original cast), he took Lace on a date and she gave him her rose at rose ceremony #2, because I’ve heard they’re coupled up as of now.

-Sometime between rose ceremony #1 & #2, Salley Carson (Clayton’s season) arrived and was barely on the beach before self-eliminating.

-A day after the rose ceremony, Kira returned to the beach, and she ends up leaving together with Romeo.

-Casey broke his ankle pre-rose ceremony #2, so he was gone before then.

-Brittany and Andrew paired up.

Rose ceremony #2 (Women giving roses to men)

Serene to Brandon
Shanae to Logan
Victoria to Johnny
Genevieve to Aaron
Lace to Rodney
Brittany to Andrew
Jill to Jacob

Rose ceremony eliminations: Justin Glaze and James Bonsall

-Michael ended it with Sierra after rose ceremony #2, THEN Danielle Maltby (Nick’s season) came in and took him on a date. (UPDATE: I guess the original reporting of Michael elimination Sierra before rose ceremony #2 was correct. So Danielle must come in before rose ceremony #2 and that’s who Michael gets his rose from.

-Pizza Peter (Michelle’s season) came in after rose ceremony #2 and took Brittany on a date. Didn’t go well and he self-eliminated after that.

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